The Gemini Hair Color Trend Is For The Bold & Indecisive

Two hues are better than one.

If you’re at all a mainstay on BeautyTok, you’ve likely seen the gemini hair color trend taking over your For You page. In short? The buzzy trend is essentially hair that is dyed in two different tones, and following that theme of twos, it gets its name from the gemini zodiac sign (which is represents by the symbol of the twins). What’s more, many tap unexpected, colorful shades for the look, like a platinum blonde in contrast with a raven black, or even a neon green paired with a bright purple hue.

Dimitris Giannetos, a celeb hair guru who calls Megan Fox and Camila Cabello loyal clients, tells Bustle: “Gemini hair has become popular because of Pinterest and TikTok, [and] now that Y2K is popular, especially with hair, many people now have ‘gemini hair fever.’” And while the trend is expected to be major throughout 2023, it’s not the first time two-toned hair has been in the mainstream. Most memorably, A-listers of the 2010s like Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, and more experimented with gemini hair on countless red carpets.

Not only is Y2K in full-force cross categories, but beauty and fashion is moving into a place of grunge punk and anti-beauty. And being that gemini hair often features odd color pairings in untraditional ways (unlike a more typical balayage or highlight moment), it allows one to be playful, free, and completely individual.

In the mood for a major change à la gemini hair? Here are three different ways to explore the trend.

The Classic 50/50 Split

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Whether you opt to just dye your front “money” pieces different shades, or go bold with a full 50/50 dye down a middle part — this buzzy look is considered the classic gemini hair.

The Horizontal Dip Dye

Celebs like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have experimented with dip dye jobs on their natural hair in recent past — and these more colorful versions of the look give that bold gemini vibe.

The Peekaboo Hue

For a gemini hair moment that is revealed with half-up, half-down ‘dos and even the slightest bit of hair movement, many are adding a vibrant pop of color underneath layers of hair. Giannetos notes: “One way to experiment with the gemini hair look is by using clip-in extensions that are different from your natural hair color, [or] temporary color spray that can rinse out. This allows for the pop of color without the commitment.”