How To Tie A Headscarf 10 Chic Ways This Summer, According To TikTok

It’s giving, “I holiday in Europe.”

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Sweet summertime is on its way — and for many, that means so are those long awaited, weeks-long vacations in European cities, beachy Caribbean resorts, and beyond (that often are the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe and run to Sephora, too).

Thanks to modern muses likes Sofia Richie — who was just married in a luxe ceremony in the South of Franceall things “quiet luxury” are taking over the beauty and fashion trends. In short: The aesthetic is where minimalism meets modesty for a timelessly chic result. And in terms of building a wardrobe that gives “old money” energy, there is a desire to source high-quality staple pieces that stand the test of time. Think a well-tailored trench coat that will last generations to come. Or in the world of beauty, investing in formulas that complement and enhance your natural beauty, like the cult-fave Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream à la Chanel, or a techy SolaWave to up your skin care game.

As for the unexpected accessory for the warmer months, that has celebs like Kendall Jenner and TikTok obsessed? A vintage-inspired headscarf — boldly colorful, classically subtle, and otherwise — that is serving serious Grace Kelly on a yacht vibes.

Into the look? Here are 10 TikTok hair tutorials that will show you how to tie and style your favorite headscarf.


The Oh-So-Effortless Wrap

When in doubt, an easy, effortless scarf wrap and some oversized sunglasses serves all of the posh, quiet luxury vibes for summers in Europe and beyond.


The Secured Low Pony

Struggle with a scarf that slips down your ponytail? This hack is the perfect solve.


The Double Braided ‘Do

For those who want to get their hair of the nape of their neck, this intricate ‘do is a gorgeous option that is certified hot weather approved.


The Rolled Low Bun

Create a fuller low bun with this genius wrapping method.


The Beachside Tie-Off

Elevate any beachside look with this effortlessly classic tie-off. For some added security, be sure to pack some extra bobby pins in your luggage.


The Intricate French Braid

For the French braid lovers — this one’s for you.


The Half-Up Bow

Loving the on-trend half-up look? This quirky ‘do is the perfect way to incorporate a thin scarf.


The Curly Hair Hack

For those blessed with curly and coily strands, this headscarf technique is a total must-learn.


The Boho Babe

For some serious Mamma Mia! vibes this summer, leave out some tousled tendrils when styling your strands with a square headscarf.


The Very Vintage Vibe

Fair warning: You may act a bit different when tying your scarf like a vintage-era starlet driving in a convertible through romantic Italian streets.

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