6 Fun Barbiecore Hairstyles, From High Ponytails To Half-Up 'Dos

This Barbie has nice hair.

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Try the Barbiecore trend with a hairstyle like Ariana Grande's signature high ponytail.
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ICYMI: All things Barbie have been taking over for quite some time now. And *especially* ahead of Margot Robbie’s lead role in the highly-anticipated film by the same name set to release in July of this summer — it makes sense that the ceaseless (and warranted) obsession with the pink-wearing, ultra-nostalgic plastic doll would be at an all time high.

For one, vibrant pink #Barbiecore nails are very much on-trend (with Selena Gomez most recently trying the buzzy manicure trend), and everyone is still seeing pink ‘fits taking over the red carpets, runways, and beyond. What’s more? Barbie-inspired ponytails have been an A-lister staple for the likes of Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, and others for years now. And as just about every trend makes its way back to the forefront, some new ‘dos inspired by the OG Barbie pony are taking BeautyTok’s For You pages by storm ATM.

While you wait for the star-studded Warner Bros. film to drop, you’ll be able to visit a Malibu Barbie-inspired cafe (if you live in New York or Chicago, that is). If that still isn’t enough for you, here are six TikTok tutorials for Barbie-esque hairstyles, from iterations of the classic ponytail to a playful Barbie bun.


A Classic Barbie-Inspired Flipped Pony

A style seen countless times on celebs like Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton — you can’t go wrong with a classic Barbie-inspired high ponytail.


A Half-Up ‘Do

Chris Appleton — aka Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s go-to hair guru — shares his pro tip for a voluminous half-up moment.


A Barbie Bun

Try this tutorial for a style thats Barbiecore meets balletcore.


A Half-Up Pigtail Moment

Still with a side-swept bang, this pigtail version of the half-up ‘do is even more adorable.


A Braided Headband

For my fellow Millennials who watched the Barbie films, this romantic braided style is filled with a whole lot of nostalgia.


A Quick Barbie Pony Hack

Hair on the thinner (or shorter) side? A great hack for a Barbie pony in a pinch is to add in some faux hair, like one from Luxy Hair or INH (which comes with flippy ends already curled for you).

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