"Manga Lashes" Are The TikTok Trend That Has Everyone Wanting Extensions

Moon prism power — makeup!

Manga lashes are the anime-inspired eyelash extensions that TikTok is obsessed with.

From minimally chic transparent eyeliner to barely-there gym lips. The oh so flattering white dot eyeliner trick to sunburn-inspired blush that has Addison Rae swooning. TikTok is truly thee platform for beauty loving babes looking to try new trending looks and routine-enhancing glam hacks.

And the latest makeup movement to reach total viral status? Anime eyelashes. Yup, manga-inspired lashes, are completely taking over BeautyTok’s For You page.

As a former Sailor Moon stan and Pokémon-playing kid (can you tell I’m a millennial?), I must say — the sound of manga lashes had me intrigued ... In short? The trend centers around creating a lash that is long and wispy, whimsically fluttering into long spikes spaced out by shorter clusters in between them (both dramatic and subtle) for an effect that mimics some of the internet’s most-loved anime characters’ eyes. While some have taken to the trend in a unique way, creating their own faux lashes by hand-spiking their lashes with undetectable glue (take a look at influencer and founder of Sacheu Beauty, Sarah Cheung’s, tutorial-Tok below for an easy how-to), others have discovered the now-viral salon that has simply perfected the doll-like, otherworldly look.

As for those who prefer to get their lashes done by a professional in a salon instead, you’re in luck if you reside in New York City. Wink Bar, the buzzy hot spot behind the TikTok trending anime-inspired lash set, is located right in Manhattan, with two different locations in both Union Square and Midtown East.

And for those into the look who aren’t East Coasters, Bustle rounded up some strip lashes that give total anime vibes, without the trip to your fave lash tech.

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