"McDonald's Bangs" Are Trending On BeautyTok & They're So Saucy

Here’s how to achieve the lewk.

Maybe it feels this way because I just joined the curtain bangs cult, but it seems as though everyone has gotten curtain-style fringe recently. I mean, the appeal is undeniable: You’re not committing to full-frontal bangs, they’re saucy and flattering, and they’re easy to tuck away if you’re not in the mood to style them. Plus, ya know, they have that ’70s-era aesthetic that’s trending hard right now.

Ever since I got EmRata-inspired curtain bangs a couple of months ago, I’ve felt like a spicier version of my older self. During this time, I’ve also become hooked on the curtain bang corner of BeautyTok. At this point, I’ve watched dozens (if not hundreds) of tutorials on styling this particular kind of fringe.

From my hours studying these vids, I’ve noticed that “McDonald’s bangs” are the ultimate goal if you’re looking for bouncy, coquette-ish hair that lands in just the right places. When done right, these bangs form magnificent, golden arches on top of your head. (Hence the name.)

If you’re raising an eyebrow at fast-food chain logo-inspired bangs, hear me out. Take one peek at influencer and fashion brand founder Matilda Djerf and you’ll see that McDonald’s bangs are, in fact, hella cute. And they’re not as tricky to style as they might seem.

To achieve Hot Girl Mickey D bangs, your hair should be damp. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair, then grab a round brush and blow dryer or something like the Dyson Airwrap. First, curl your bangs underneath with whatever tool you’re using. This is going to give you the volume that mimics those arches.

From there, part your hair in the middle and use your round brush/Airwrap/hot tool to curl out and away from your face on each side. That should make your hair nice and swoopy.

If your hair is easily moldable, you could also try TikToker @oliviadaytonn’s method which doesn’t even require hot tools. When your hair is wet, brush your bangs back with either your hands or a brush, then pull them forward in that golden arches shape. If they don’t stay put and dry that way, grab two clips and clip each side right where the bottom. Keep them in place until your hair is dry, and you’re golden (heh).

You could spritz some hairspray to ensure your McDonald’s bangs stay in place, but that’s really all it takes to have saucy-looking curtain fringe that frames your face in the most laissez-faire way. It’s serving Happy Meal... in the form of a good hair day.