Nicki Minaj’s Logomania Mani Is What Barbie Dreams Are Made Of

Calling all barbz.

Nicki Minaj’s designer LV nails feature her favorite color, plus some pretty spectacular detailing.
Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

No one does pink quite like the queen of rap. You can’t think about the “Seeing Green” hitmaker’s larger-than-life persona without the bubblegum-inspired shade popping into your head. Over the years, we’ve seen Minaj rock pink wigs, monochromatic ‘fits, red carpet masterpieces, and even bedazzled Crocs that looked like haute couture. Now the hip-hop titan is wearing her signature color in a (slightly) more subtle, but equally fabulous way — on her tips. Nicki Minaj’s designer nails feature her favorite color, plus some pretty spectacular detailing.

The new mother took to Instagram to give fans a closer look at her new manicure, and I must say, it’s one of her most glamorous nail looks to date. In the video, Minaj shows off her luxe Chanel and LV nails that are covered in lavish detailing. More is obviously more here: gold and silver crystals, an iridescent heart with gold outlining, a gold leaf, a baby pink butterfly, and a Chanel No. 5 charm are some of the other details that (quite literally) stand out. Minaj added a sparkly filter to the video, though her nails were probably just as blingy IRL.

Speaking of designers, Junkie4Nails — the mastermind behind the manicure who documented her pinch-me journey to slaying Minaj’s mani — included plenty of other designer logos amid the fabulous mix. Fendi and, if you look closely, Dolce & Gabbana logos are also placed like Easter eggs on Minaj’s thumb. Another finger adds Dior to the list of iconic fashion houses featured on her digits. Her middle finger is all about Louis Vuitton — the gilded LV nail decal helps perfect the mesmerizing set.

In the post, Minaj debuts the designer nails in front a satin Chanel chair (naturally), which takes the overall vibe to the next level. Minaj’s nails are always 10/10, but this opulent nail art takes the cake.