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6 Times Celebs Wore Red Carpet Looks Weighing Over 50 Pounds

From Simone Biles to Cardi B.

See 6 red carpet looks that weight 50 pounds or more, from Simone Biles' Area dress to Cardi B's Jer...
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Whether attending the Oscars or the Met Gala, celebrities who want to make a lasting impression on the red carpet don’t let the weight of their look get in the way. In fact, certain stars will even enlist people to help walk the red carpet if it means they can wear an outfit that clocks in over 80 pounds (looking at you, Simone Biles).

From the material to the intricate beading to the long, flowing trains, the heavier details on red carpet looks can make wearing them far from easy. Take Rihanna, for example, gliding up the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum in a Guo Pei cape; 55 pounds of fabric trailed her every step.

Or Precious Lee in an embroidered Area dress that was so heavy, it took four people to help her put it on. And you can’t forget the aforementioned Simone Biles, whose feather-inspired dress took 6,700 hours to craft, and several men to maneuver on the red carpet.

With some looks weighing more than a small child, it’s no wonder celebs enlist help or even remove part of the look once the red carpet concludes. Yet the challenge of wearing heavy garments is worth it; there are few things more arresting on the red carpet than a gown that takes up space.

From Cardi B’s sweeping train to Simone Biles’ embroidered dress, here are 6 red carpet looks that weighed over 50 pounds.

Rihanna, Met Gala 2015

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In 2015, Rihanna co-hosted the annual Met Gala, wearing a Guo Pei cape that weighed approximately 55 pounds, making it quite difficult to walk in.

Cardi B, Met Gala 2018

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For the 2018 Met Gala, Cardi B emerged in an all-white Jeremy Scott gown that billowed behind her. Its weight? Nearly 50 pounds.

Rihanna, Met Gala 2018

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Rihanna chose a Maison Margiela mini dress and cape at the 2018 Met Gala that reportedly weighed so much that she considered wearing something else altogether. But we’re glad she stuck with the original plan.

Though the actual weight has not been disclosed, Rihanna told ET, “It was heavy, every step was a squat. I promise you my butt gained from that night.”

Glenn Close, Oscars 2019

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Glenn Close’s Carolina Herrera golden Oscars gown in 2019 might have looked simple, but it was certainly weighty, clocking in at around 50 pounds. It was crafted of more than three million beads, hand-stitched by 40 artisans in India, and then flown to New York.

Simone Biles, Met Gala 2021

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Simone Biles hit the Met Gala in 2021 wearing an Area gown that looked like feathers but was far from the airy material. Embellished from tip to toe, it weighed approximately 88 pounds.

Precious Lee, Met Gala 2021

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Also in an Area ensemble, Precious Lee chose a buttoned-up suiting look from the design house at the 2021 Met Gala. On the carpet, she revealed that it weighed 100 pounds and took four people to help her get dressed.