10 Spring 2023 Nail Polish Color Trends That Will Dominate Your FYP

It’s all about bright colors and metallic finishes.

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It’s never ever too early to start thinking about spring. The warmer weather, the flowers in bloom, brighter and bolder colors everywhere — spring just manifests happy and good times. And what better way to celebrate — at least beauty-wise — a fun season than with new nail polish colors?

Similar to how celebrity hairstylists predicted that 2023 hair shades would be all about going bright, experts expected that 2023 nail polish colors would be vibrant and rich. And there’s nothing boring about these shades. You’ll be seeing magenta (which also happens to be the Pantone Color of the Year) in a lot of nail art, as well as different shades of vibrant blues. You’ll also be seeing a lot of fall and winter shades like metallics and deep chocolates go beyond those cold months and transition quite nicely for warmer days.

Get those nail mood boards ready. For a complete guide to what’s in for next season, Essie's Global Lead Educator and Nail Artist and New York City-based editorial manicurist Rita Remark and Sally Hansen partner and manicurist Hannah Lee broke down the 10 nail polish color trends they predict will be big for spring 2023. Read what they had to say below.


Hot Magenta

Remark says that everyone’s going to be taking some inspo from those viral Valentino’s sky-high platforms and wanting to wear magenta all over. Her pick for a muted berry tone is this one from Essie that dries in just under a minute.


Cobalt Blue

Lee predicts that blues are going to be huge in spring 2023 and particularly likes cobalt blue. Her pick is this shade from Sally Hansen, which is a deep bright blue shade that’s chip-resistant and has a pretty glossy sheen.



If you’re loving your brown nail polish shades this winter, definitely keep rocking them as the weather gets warmer. “This shade was gaining lots of momentum last year with no sign of slowing down,” says Remark. “Whether a perfect skin-tone match or a neutral contrast, it looks good on everyone.”


Pretty Periwinkle

Keeping it in the blue family, Lee also recommends a pretty periwinkle shade for your spring manicures. “This blue-purple-ish mix is great if you want something softer and more delicate,” she says.


Shades Of Grey

Calling it the new neutral, Remark predicts grey shades will be everyone’s go-to for a neutral nail color. “Greys will replace beiges this spring,” she says. “But rather than moody and dull, they’re serene and calming. Try greys with a blue or green undertone — think slate, cove, or stormcloud.”


Go For The Gold

Lee loves metallics for spring 2023. Expect to see classic metallic shades, like classic gold that she says go with any look.


Crystal Clear

Remark says that clear nails mean more than just a glossy shine on your bare nails. She says clear nails are all about getting your natural tips looking healthy and glowing, so look for a polish with nourishing ingredients that helps strengthen.


Silver Charm

Lee is also loving silver nail polish for spring 2023. Another classic metallic, a silver hue brings a nice subtle shimmer to your nails.


Neon Pops

Go brighter than brighter with a bold neon shade. “For festival season, I’m expecting to see colorful and neon shades, bringing the party to the manicure,” celebrity manicurist Kim Truong recently told Bustle. “Neon greens and yellows are classics that give you the brightest effect. A trick to making your neon polish really pop is to apply white underneath.”


Pastel Metallics

Silver and gold nail polishes get a lot of shine, but spring’s take on metallic is a bit softer. “Metallics are going to be big this year,” Truong told Bustle. “In line with the glazed donut finishes we’ve seen, metallic is the natural next step. More intense than a glaze, it can be achieved in bright colors which will be perfect for the summer. Picture a pastel metallic for your holiday.”

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