6 Toenail Polish Colors Experts Predict Will Be Huge This Summer

Sandal season is coming.

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The biggest toenail polish color trends to watch this summer 2022.
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Not to knock the holidays, but summertime is the most wonderful time of the year. After all, it’s the season for sandal shopping, getaway planning, and, of course, long-awaited warm weather. Naturally, it also means pedicures and cutely polished toes that peek out from underneath the hems of sundresses. But which nail color should you choose? Some people have a different approach to manicure shades for their feet versus their fingertips. Whether you fall into that camp or not, Bustle called on celebrity manicurists Kait Mosh and Brittney Boyce to help us spot the biggest summer 2022 toenail polish color trends poised to take over salon chairs.

Mosh has done the nails of celebs like Katy Perry, Audra Day, and Kendall Jenner, while Boyce is the founder of press-on extension brand Nails of LA, a line that’s been seen on Kim Kardashian and Olivia Rodrigo — so you can trust their insight. Their predictions? This season’s hottest hues range from soft and subtle to bright and bold. Keep scrolling for six toenail polish color trends that are sure to turn heads.

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Powder Blue

Mosh thinks baby blues that match the sunny skies will be popular all summer long. “One of the biggest it-girl trends in clothing right now is anything orange or red,” she tells Bustle. “A pretty powder blue will be the perfect complementary color.” Soft blues are also great when paired with green or yellow, she adds.


Bright Neons

Boyce says vibrant and eye-catching colors during the summer months are always an excellent choice. “Summer is all about bright colors that look cute with your strappy sandals,” she tells Bustle. “Neons have been big on manicures, and it'll be really popular for pedicures this summer.” Case in point? Avril Lavigne’s bright orange toenail polish from the Grammys red carpet.


Maroon Brown

The current brown nail polish trend can work in the summertime, too, if you mix in a little red, Boyce says. “Brown shades have been trending but will be even more popular this summer,” she predicts. “For pedicures, instead of a straight brown color, opt for a maroon brown to give it a bit more depth.”


Bright Cherry Red

For those that like the classics, Mosh says cherry reds will be a go-to shade this summer. “Seventies color palettes are fully here, and a bright red that’s complementary to your skin tone will pair well with almost anything,” she explains. “And there’s nothing more crisp and clean-looking than a classic red pedicure.”



Pastel purples will be another major pedicure trend this summer, Boyce predicts. “For it to look good on pedicures, make sure you choose really opaque formulas with a warmer tone to it,” she recommends.



In a similar vein to purple-y lilacs is periwinkle, aka Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 (dubbed Very Peri). These fall more towards the blue category than lavender and are another pastel taking over sandal season, says Boyce.

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