I Tried It

Thirdlove's Unlined Bra Lifts Like A Push-Up & Feels Like A Bralette

The 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra has arrived.

It’s me, Bustle’s Unofficial Boob Editor, back at it again with a review so positive, I’m debating tossing all my bras and pledging my loyalty to this one alone. Thirdlove just launched its 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra, and as someone who has sworn off the undergarment almost completely over the past few months, I knew I had to share my thoughts about why this one impressed me so much.

I never wanted to be a Bra Hater, but I found myself turning into one after gaining a little weight and finding my 34G styles a bit too tight around my underbust. Between an unexpected New York City heatwave and the ever-present feeling of a too-tight band, I began dreading the idea of putting on a bra each morning. (Shout out to boob tape and nipple covers keeping me covered during these hard times.)

You might think bralettes would be the perfect solution, but I’ve yet to find one that checks all the boxes. While I love their comfortable straps, soft materials, and forgiving bands, even the ones that claim to offer support barely lift my G-cups a centimeter. As a result, I’ve been in a bit of a boob funk.

Cue Thirdlove with just the thing to change my tune — its new 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $72
  • Best for: comfort and lift
  • Your rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Brand: Thirdlove
  • What I like: the foam-free cups and half-cup size options
  • What I don’t like: the limited color range

My Problem

Like everyone else, I’ve got a specific set of wants, needs, and issues when it comes to bra shopping. As the owner of 36Gs (I use this calculator by A Bra That Fits to figure out my size, and I can’t recommend it enough) it’s not always easy to find my cup size in bras I actually like. And because I’m larger-chested but petite, I struggle to find styles with straps that I can adjust to be tight enough to offer support and lift.

My other issue is the dreaded below-bra bulge. Even well-fitting bras often have bands that pinch the underbust and create a lump visible under thin tanks and crop tops. If my back is smooth sans-undergarment, then why bother putting one on and gaining an unexpected back roll?

Lastly, while I love a knockout lacy lingerie moment, I’m looking for an everyday bra that takes my boobs out of the spotlight. I don’t want to wear a compressive minimizer bra — just something that allows my chest to disappear underneath tees and tanks instead of making it the focal point of every outfit. I want my breasts to feel lifted and supported, but above all else, I want a bra that’s as subtle and comfortable as it is functional — but easier said than done.

The Product: Thirdlove’s 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra

The 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra comes in black and taupe and retails for $72. It’s available in band sizes 32-44, as well as full- and half-cup sizes A through H. The bra has adjustable, no-slip straps and unlined, double-layer foam-free cups supported by nickle-free underwire. The comfortable, stretchy microfiber material is a blend of 76 percent nylon and 24 percent Spandex.

Testing Out The Bra

Being that I’ve been fairly bra-averse over the last few months, I definitely approached my Thirdlove road test with considerable skepticism. It took a few tries to find my perfect size — I thought for sure my chest had expanded to an H-cup, but it turned out the G-cup suited me just fine.

While my petite frame might’ve benefited from the straps being even further tightened, they do have a large area for adjustment, leading down to a comfortable U-shaped back and a wide, smoothing band with three columns of triple hook-and-eye closures. Given the stretchy fabric, I chose to wear my bra on the loosest closure, so I could tighten it as needed over time.

The Results

I truly did not think I’d find my perfect everyday bra anytime soon, but this one proved to be everything I was looking for. The stretchy material made it feel like a bralette, but the great fit and underwire cups still gave me the support and lift I was looking for.

The best part? The foam-free cups didn’t totally transform my chest, so I was able to embrace my natural shape instead of wearing something that drew extra attention to my boobs. It really lived up to the “Second Skin” claim within its name, and was undetectable beneath my go-to tank tops.

After a day of wear, I didn’t even feel the intense desire to rip my bra off the minute I entered my apartment — and in fact, I practically forgot I had it on.

The Final Verdict

It’s hard to say a bra will suit someone other than oneself, but this is one I certainly plan to recommend to my larger-chested friends, with whom I often commiserate over bra-related woes. It’s got all the comfort of the bralette I’ll never have, with just enough lift to make me actually want to wear it, as opposed to it becoming just another style tossed in my dreaded bra drawer.

I’ve been a fan of other Thirdlove bras in the past — the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra was my jam in college — but at this stage in my life, it’s nice to have another, arguably more low-key option. Truthfully, I think this one blows the brand’s other options out of the water, and I’ll be waiting to see if they release it in additional colors soon so I can stock up on more.

I never thought I’d see the day, but this underwire bra is truly deserving of the Unofficial Boob Editor Seal of Approval™.

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