Topicals' Cult-Favorite Facial Serums Now Come In Body Mist Form

It’s the brand’s first-ever product expansion.

Topicals is launching body mist versions of its beloved skin care serums.

Topicals is one of those rare beauty brands that seemed to become successful right out the gate. After launching in 2020, the two-product treatment line instantly became the stuff of internet folklore, especially because it was continually selling out. As of today, the brand is bringing its skin healing prowess to the burgeoning category of body care by expanding its two beloved formulas to your below-the-neck regimen.

If you haven’t been introduced, Topicals is a brand founded by Olamide Olowe who wanted to create products with melanin-rich skin tones in mind. The coveted collection features Like Butter, a thick whipped cream meant for patches of dry skin or all-over hydration, and Faded (a desert-island product of mine), a gel serum that improves dark spots, evens out your complexion, and counteracts hyperpigmentation. With the launch, you can now snag the Topicals Faded Mist and Like Butter Mist — both in an easy-to-apply form meant for the skin on your body.

For the first-ever expansion of the Topicals family, Olowe exclusively tells Bustle she wanted to offer her targeted treatments for the neck down because she saw a gap on the shelves. “Body care is such a sleepy category that is mainly focused on moisturization,” Olowe says. “People with chronic skin conditions don’t just get them on their face, so we knew we wanted to be our community’s go-to brand for flare-ups from head to toe.”

The main difference between Topicals’ face and body products is simply their potency. “The skin on the body is generally a bit more resistant and is able to tolerate stronger treatments than the face,” says Olowe. So, as she formulated these body mist treatments, she took that into account by using higher concentrations of her star active ingredients. Beyond being super boosted with the same actives (like niacinamide and azelaic acid) that make the brand’s face products so sought after, the body care formulas are also packaged in 360-degree air-spray bottles. Translation: Nowhere on your body will be out of reach. Olowe describes them as “liquid serums.”

The Like Butter Hydrating & Soothing Mist (retailing at $28) is currently available on the Topicals website and will be at Sephora by late August. This product is a luxurious and hydrating body armor that functions as your body’s defense against everyday wear and tear. “Think of it as the really advanced version of aloe vera gel in mist form,” Olowe says. Key ingredients include antioxidant-rich green tea extract, skin barrier-boosting centella asiatica, and ginseng root, an active that helps reduce swelling. Spray all over the body to deal with dehydration, dry patches, sunburn, chafing, heat, rash, eczema, and even tattoo healing.

Faded Brightening & Clearing Mist (retailing for $30) is more of a treatment and exfoliant. “Faded Mist works to reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration from backne, chest acne, butt acne, or other flare-ups,” Olowe says. It’s a mist that will help diminish discoloration and scarring all over the body, thanks to the duo of chemical exfoliants kojic and glycolic acids plus tranexamic acid, an MVP for treating hyperpigmentation.

Consider the two mists heroes for all your body care concerns. If Topicals’ facial products are any indication, you should probably act fast before these babies are waitlisted.