Does Valentino’s Twin Liner Live Up To The TikTok Hype?

Bustle’s beauty writer puts it to the test.

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Olivia Rose Ferreiro used Valentino's Twin Liner Gel & Liquid Eyeliner to create a sharp cat eye mak...
Olivia Rose Ferreiro
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IMO, there is nothing quite like ultra-sharp winged eyeliner to make you feel like the absolute baddie you are. I’m talking thinner than thin, elongated, siren vibes à la Euphoria’s Maddy, played by the one and only Alexa Demie.

And likewise, there is nothing worse than an entire makeup look hanging onto the anxiety-filled moment when you begin painting on a cat eye with a liner that gives you absolutely zero precision, or needs to be set with a black power so it doesn’t budge or bleed. Anyone else?

Like many winged liner lovers, I take finding the perfect formula seriously — and throughout my years of testing and trying most products on the market, it takes quite a bit to reach cult-status in my eyes ... And the latest to be completely sold out in most retailers by way of video reviews that have gone completely viral on TikTok? Valentino’s Twin Liner, with dual edges that have both liquid and gel eyeliner formulas. Consider me intrigued in a big way.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $40
  • Liquid Formula Rating: 5/5
  • Gel Formula Rating: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: No
  • What I Love: The liquid formula is hands down one of the best on the market.
  • What I Didn’t Like: At first, the gel formula was too sharp for my sensitive eye area. It performs well after the tip wears down with use.

The Valentino Twin Liner Gel & Liquid Eyeliner

As the name implies, Valentino’s Twin Liner is a double-ended eyeliner that has both liquid and gel formulas on each end. Currently, it’s available in four unique color ways, with black, brown, navy, and red gels each paired with a classic black liquid liner that dries down to a semi-matte finish.

Powerfully pigmented, the liners are made to last for 16 hours and allow users to create graphic shapes and designs with precision.

My First Impression

Aside from luxe packaging that felt expectedly nice in my hands, my first thought was how thin and precise the liquid liner’s bristle brush was. And with my first few swipes, I was seriously impressed with how sharp, clean, and smooth my wing was painted, and moreover, how truly pitch black the pigment was. It was a top tier experience that immediately rivaled some of my faves.

As for the gel end of the liner, it initially didn’t quite live up to my favorite formulas on the market. The unused tip felt sharp and harsh on my waterline, not depositing as much pigment as I am used to. That being said, after wearing down the gel tip by repeatedly swatching it on my hand, I effectively was able to warm up the product and create a flatter edge that felt ultra creamy. After those first few uses, it began to apply like a dream and was completely smudge-proof and transfer-resistant — so keep that pro tip in mind if you’re planning on giving the Twin Liner a try.

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

After all day wear for a few days (which included a spontaneous rainstorm and an intense pilates class), I can say with certainty that there was no fading, bleeding, smudging, or budging — and even after going in with my tried-and-true makeup remover, I was left with lived-in remnants of the liner for unintentional smokey eyes the next morning. (Luckily, the grunge look is totally trending for Fall 2022.)

Status: TikTok-Viral

Having trouble getting your hands on the Twin Liner? That’s because countless beauty creators on TikTok have given it their stamp of approval in a major way.

As for BeautyTok’s fave glam guru, Mikayla Nogueira? She agrees with the sentiment that “there is nothing better than this liquid eyeliner. This is it — end game.”

The Final Verdict

As far as liquid eyeliners go, Valentino’s Twin Liner is truly top tier and has set a new standard for what I expect in a liquid formula. The brush is made for precision, and the result is a deep, deep black that dries semi-matte and seriously does not budge. I’m obsessed.

That being said, the gel end is a bit sharp at first, which was initially off-putting (and may bother those with sensitive eyes, like myself) — but after wearing down the tip to have a flatter edge, it most definitely performs, with rich pigment that does not transfer from my top to my bottom waterline, even after blinking seconds after application.

All in all, the real beauty of this Valentino gem is that you get two for one, only having to invest in a single staple. I plan on reaching for the Twin Liner in the future when I’m craving a sharper than sharp, siren eyed look.

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