Alexa Demie Ditched Her Signature Makeup For Balenciaga's Fall-Winter 2022 Campaign

Yes, that Balenciaga campaign.

Actor Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy on Euphoria, rocked a no-makeup makeup look in Balenciaga's Fall ...
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since stealing the show (and slapping the sh*t out of Cassie) on the now cult-fave show Euphoria à la HBO, Alexa Demie has quickly rose to complete and utter icon status, especially among the fashion and makeup girlies of the world.

And while the Cali-born, Latina actor has experimented with her look countless times (I’m talking about hard-to-pull-off micro bangs and daring pencil-thin brows, to name a few), one thing always seems to remain: Her signature elongated and impossibly sharp winged eyeliner.

In a video tutorial for Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series sharing her go-to ’90s glam makeup look, she says: “I definitely started doing my wing really early on, I think in middle school. And I was just all about a wing and a lot of lip gloss. And with Maddy, we really went there with the looks.”

Just as winged eyeliner has been a tried and true staple in her personal life, she’s so attached to the look that it’s become an essential part of her character Maddy Perez’s iconography. But given Demie’s ability to go against the grain time and time again, her latest Balenciaga campaign for Fall-Winter 2022 has completely shocked in the most unexpected way — just take a look at Alexa sans the face-changing cat eye.

With what appears to be a relatively clean, fresh-faced makeup look with minimal color or product used to achieve that stunning editorial vibe, Demie looks completely unrecognizable without her knife-sharp wing — and as a total stan myself, I must say, it’s giving ... So much so that the Rhode founder and supermodel herself, Hailey Bieber, commented oh so matter of factly: “Exactly.”

As a face of Balenciaga (along with Kim Kardashian, of course), it’s likely that there will be more headline-making looks where that came from.