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9 Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas That Beat An Overpriced Dinner

From sex toy shopping sprees to blindfolded taste tests.

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Picture this: After waiting in line for an hour, you and your boo are packed into some snobby restaurant, where you shell out an excessive amount of money on Cupid-themed "small plates" and are so surrounded by strangers, you can't hear yourself think. OK, after months of self-isolation, that probably sounds like a dream. But in the name of social distancing and staying home to save lives, these sexy Valentine’s Day home dates are way more fun than an overpriced dinner, I promise.

Unless you're Monica Geller, the concept of planning something sexy may seem antithetical to the essence of sexiness itself. While you don't have to write an exact script of everything that's going to happen, a little effort can go a long way. From couple's massages to sex bucket lists, there are plenty of saucy activities that will bring the heat at home.

Whether you're into the holiday or not, Valentine's Day is a good reminder to give your love a little extra attention. Minus the gifts and the glam, Feb. 14 can be an opportunity to check in with your partner about your sex life and celebrate your connection.

Here are nine easy, affordable, and totally hot Valentine's dates at home.

1. Go On A Sex Toy Shopping Spree

There's something very sexy about shopping for a new toy with your partner. Whether you're just learning about what vibes you like or have a toy box full of them, looking at the array of toys out there can create an encouraging space for you both to communicate about your needs and desires. Even if you just window shop, talking about sex toys will likely have you both super turned on.

2. Do A Couple's Massage

Sometimes, the best foreplay isn't sexual; it's sensual. Light some candles, put on some calming music, grab your fav massage oils and lotions and play masseuse. Learn about each other's sweet spots, and build up the sexual tension.

3. Role Play

After months of wearing giant sweatshirts and leggings, just putting on a pair of jeans may feel like role-playing. Jokes aside, bringing a little creativity and imagination between the sheets is a super sexy way to make your fantasies a reality. Plan out your roles ahead of time so that you can actually put effort into dressing up and getting into character

4. Sensual Spa Night

Bring the spa to your home. Take a hot shower together, doing some aromatherapy with essential oils. Light candles around your house, and make it a serene and sexy atmosphere. (For one night, hide all the dirty laundry and computer wires.) Give each other some at-home spa treatments (facemasks, body scrubs) to make each other all soft and smooth.

5. Explore Erotica

Thinking of something sexy to say on the spot can be overwhelming. So, do what all the great artists do and steal from someone else. Find a piece of erotica to share with each other. Whether it's a poem or a passage from a novel, find something that excites you. If you'd rather listen to something together, try an audio erotica app like Ferly, which has sexy audio stories to match your mood or favorite fantasy. Sharing sexy stories that get you going is a great way to learn about each other's desires.

6. Play A Sexy Game

Grab a bottle of red and get comfy in the living room for a sexy game night. Erotic dice, strip poker, truth or dare — the options are endless. Perhaps you take turns doing some consensual power-play or blindfold and tease each other.

7. Blindfolded Taste Test

To feed your literal and sexual appetite, grab a blindfold and take turns feeding each other some delicious treats. Chocolates, berries, candy, the options are endless.

8. Host A Sex Scavenger Hunt

What better night to do it in the kitchen or to experiment with bondage? Create a sex "bucket list" or scavenger hunt of salacious trouble you've always wanted to get up to and work all night to check them all off the list. This is a great way to learn more about each other's desires and to get each other's temperature on new things you've wanted to try.

9. (Naked) Fashion Show

Perhaps the best part of getting all dressed up is getting dressed back down. Pick out nice outfits for each other (including hot undies) and give each other an at-home fashion show. Strip down together and continue on for some naked time. Bonus points if you make it a photoshoot.

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