50 At-Home Date Night Ideas So You Can Stay In & Chill

Relax and enjoy each other's company.

50 At-Home Date Night Ideas So You Can Stay In & Chill
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Whenever you’re at home with your partner on a Friday night, there’s often a moment when you have to decide if you want to go out or stay in. While it sounds fun, in theory, to get dressed up and hit the town, the thought of staying home is undeniably appealing.

It’s tough to ignore the call of the couch, especially when you’re tired after a long week. Sometimes a chill night in is exactly what you need to relax, recover, and revel in a little quality time as a couple. That said, there are plenty of other reasons to have a cozy date night at home.

For one, it’s a good way to save some money. It can be pricy to pay for dinners, drinks, and movie tickets, not to mention Ubers or a parking spot — and sometimes being low-key is a refreshing alternative. If your goal is to do something fun yet affordable, entertaining yourselves is often the best bet.

It’s also kind of adorable to have a date night at home. While you might forget about a movie or a restaurant, you’ll always remember the Saturday you spent baking cookies from scratch, singing karaoke, or designing your own signature mocktails.

Keep reading below for 50 at-home date night ideas that range from funny and active to chill and relaxing.

Cooking & Baking

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1. Bake & Decorate A Cake

Applying fondant could be the ultimate relationship test.

2. Eat Dinner By Candlelight

Even pizza night feels romantic when you light a few candles.

3. Try Fondue

Melt some cheeses and some chocolates and start dipping.

4. Recreate A Family Recipe

Bond over funny stories and family lore.

5. Surprise Them With A Five-Course Meal

Or prepare it together and serve it on your best dishes.

6. Order Takeout From A New Place

Not in the mood to turn on the oven? Pick a restaurant you’ve never tried and order something unique.

7. DIY Sundaes

Get all the fixings like cherries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.

8. Bake Sourdough Bread

Treat your starter like a pet.

9. Take An Online Cooking Class

If you aren’t sure how to navigate the kitchen, learn together with an online class.

10. Have An Indoor Picnic

If it’s rainy — or if you’re just too tired to venture to the park — pack a picnic, roll out a blanket, and eat lunch on the living room floor.

Drinking Games

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11. Play Sommelier

Pick up wines from different regions and have a taste test. Take it very seriously.

12. Concoct A Couples Cocktail

Mix the flavors and liquors you like to create a signature drink.

13. Create The Best Mocktails

For a booze-free evening, consider shaking up a few mocktails.

14. Coffee Taste Test

Brew coffee beans from various countries and see if you can taste the difference.

15. Take A Class

Track down mixology lessons or wine courses and sign up together.

16. Play “Never Have I Ever”

Grab a beer and play a few rounds of “Never Have I Ever” or Truth or Dare.

17. Flip Cup Tournament

Relive your college days by playing Flip Cup in the kitchen. If that doesn’t work, try beer pong.

18. Tea For Two

Brew some tea, set out fancy teacups, and make mini cucumber sandwiches. Live out your Bridgerton fantasies.

19. Movies & Mixers

Watch a movie while you sip its signature drink. Have a sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist as you view Groundhog Day, a Cosmopolitan while you rewatch Sex and the City, or pair a French 75 with Casablanca.

20. Drinks By The States

Try the most popular brews from your home state or ones you’d like to visit.

DIY Ideas

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21. Play Boardgames

Try a new game or replay one of your faves.

22. Camp Indoors

Pull out your sleeping bags, lanterns, and camping chairs and spend the night in your backyard — or the living room. Tell each other scary stories.

23. Throw A Dance Party

Turn the lights down and blast an early 2000s playlist.

24. The Floor Is Lava

Step on cushions, blankets, and furniture. See if you can move through your entire house without touching the floor.

25. Serenade Each Other

Find karaoke tracks on YouTube and take turns singing.

26. Learn A Party Trick

Spend the evening learning a new and totally useless skill, like how to moonwalk or whistle really loud.

27. Plant An Herb Garden

Get your hands dirty while you plant basil, rosemary, and oregano in a pot.

28. Practice A TikTok Dance

Don’t rest until you nail all the moves — even if you don’t plan to post it.

29. Do A Workout Video

For a serious sweat, do a 30-minute HIIT. For laughs, try an ‘80s Jane Fonda video.

30. Paint Each Other

This TikTok trend is so chaotic.

Low-Key & Relaxing

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31. Start A Book Club

Read on your own and meet up to discuss or be extra sweet and read aloud to each other.

32. Assemble A Puzzle

Listen to lo-fi or jazz music while you fit the pieces together.

33. Movie Marathon

Turn your couch into an oasis of blankets, snacks, and drinks, then put on back-to-back-to-back movies. Choose a genre, like horror or comedy, or pick a director and go through their entire work.

34. Have A Spa Day

Turn on a rain soundtrack as you apply face masks, lip treatments, and foot scrubs, then finish with a massage.

35. Read Tarot Cards

Spread out your best crystals, burn some incense, and do a few tarot spreads. Try one for love.

36. Stargaze On The Roof

Look for constellations and meteors.

37. Go Off The Grid

Put your phones on silent, stay off social media, and bond in the peace and quiet.

38. Take A Bubblebath

Or a steamy shower. Wink wink.

39. Rewatch Old Movies

Show each other the movies or cartoons you loved most as a kid. It can reveal a lot.

Chronically Online

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40. Stay In Bed & Laugh At TikTok

Who needs to go out when your algorithm is algorithming?

41. Replay Old Games

Play Sims, Animal Crossing, or a fave online game.

42. Plan Your Next Vacation

Spending the evening looking up exotic destinations, flights, and hotels.

43. Phone A Friend

Get on FaceTime or Zoom with your besties or be sweet and call your parents.

44. Play GeoGuessr

See who’s the best at geography.

45. Deep Dive Into Wikipedia

See what you can learn.

46. Build A Photo Album

Organize all your best pics into an album and have it printed.

47. Try Your Hand At Trivia

Answer online trivia questions or study up for your next trip to the bar.

48. Go Online Antiquing

Peruse Ebay, Etsy, and beyond and look for good deals on paintings, decor, and more.

49. Buy Tickets

Cuddle up and get yourselves some tickets to movies, comedy shows, and games so you have things to look forward to.

50. Go House Shopping

Scroll through Zillow and find your dream home.