30 Flirty Truth Or Dare Questions To Text Your Crush

#7 gets pretty juicy.

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Flirty truth or dare questions to text your crush.

The thought of “playing games” when it comes to dating usually has a negative connotation. Pretending to be busy when you’re not, breadcrumbing, and sending mixed signals are not ideal for creating a lasting, healthy relationship. Playing actual games with your partner or crush, however, can be a great way to do so — even over text.

When you’ve been regularly texting someone you’re dating, the conversation can sometimes get a little stale. It’s common to run out of things to talk about over text, especially once you’ve been on enough dates and gotten to know each other. Dealing with a dry texter can also make it tough to have fun text conversations, as they often don’t contribute enough to its flow. One way to spice things up? Ask some flirty truth or dare questions for a sensual text convo.

Playing fun games with a crush or partner — like the classic “truth or dare” — creates connection and lasting memories, says licensed professional counselor and certified sexologist Carlos Cavazos. “Nothing bonds couples more than laughter,” Cavazos previously told Bustle. “When you think about your relationship, those moments you spend having fun and laughing tend to be the ones that you value the most, and the ones that help you get through the not-so-fun times.” The special thing about truth or dare is that you can come up with saucy scenarios for whichever one your partner chooses.

Initiating this flirtatious game over text is easier than it sounds, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with it. To start, here are 30 flirty truth or dare questions to text. Have fun.

1. “Truth: What are your favorite physical and non-physical features of mine?”


Anyone can appreciate a mix of flirty and meaningful compliments, so consider returning the favor.

2. “Dare: I dare you to remove an item of clothing right now, any item, and take a picture for proof.”

It could be as simple as taking off a shoe at their desk, but this dare can get as creative (and hilarious) as you make it.

3. “Truth: What was the most awkward moment you’ve ever had on a date?”

Everyone has a good embarrassing date story or two to share, and you can bond with your crush over the mutual cringe.

4. “Dare: I dare you to send me the last note you took on your notes app.”

It could be scandalous, or it could be embarrassing or funny... there’s only one way to find out.

5. “Truth: Who was your very first crush, and why?”

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Don’t be surprised if it was an animated character. It’s undeniable that Prince Eric was a 10.

6. “Dare: I dare you to DM your celebrity crush and ask them to marry you.”

J.Lo’s already married, but you can still enjoy a laugh when your crush tries to shoot their shot in vain.

7. “Truth: What was the first thing you ever said to your friends about me?”

You might get a sweet answer, or they might just admit it was a comment about how nice your butt is.

8. “Dare: I dare you to post a selfie at work with a cringe-y caption.”

Influencers will have nothing on your partner’s hilarious content.

9. “Truth: When was your first kiss, and how would you rate it on a scale from 1-10?”

This might end with an ego boost.

10. “Dare: I dare you to send me a screenshot of the last five things you bought on Amazon.”

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This can be very funny, very telling, or prove that we’re all boring adults.

11. “Truth: What’s the most cheesy pet name you’ve ever used in a relationship?”

Don’t let them just say “babe” — there was definitely something better than that.

12. “Dare: I dare you to Facetime me and confess something.”

This gets you looking at each other’s faces as your crush reveals a secret.

13. “Truth: If you had to pick only being little spoon or big spoon for the rest of your life when cuddling, what would you pick?”

If you’re willing to accommodate their preference of spoon size, this is the question for you. Plus, it gets them thinking about being in bed with someone.

14. “Dare: I dare you to text someone in your family ‘How do you get rid of a hickey?’”

Hopefully their mom has a good sense of humor.

15. “Truth: Where is the wildest place you’ve always wanted to have a hook-up in?”

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Depending on how public or safe it is, you both might be able to make it happen.

16. “Dare: I dare you to smile and wave at a complete stranger near you and say, “Hey! It’s great to see you!”

Bonus points if your partner does this while on FaceTime or a phone call with you so you can enjoy the secondhand embarrassment.

17. “Truth: What was the worst rejection you’ve ever experienced in dating?”

Just be sure to make them feel a little better by sharing yours, too.

18. “Dare: I dare you to send me the last screenshot you took on your phone.”

Things could get really juicy with this one, so be prepared for the tea.

19. “Truth: If you could take a whole day off work to spend with me, what would you want to do?”

They might respond with something flirty or even sexy, but either way, you’ll probably want to make it happen soon.

20. “Dare: I dare you to draw my name somewhere on your body with a Sharpie — and it has to be visible.”

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You can even up the ante by requiring them to wear it for 24 hours.

21. “Truth: What’s a fantasy you’ve had that you want to try with me?”

Next thing you know, you might be “grocery shopping” for strawberries and whipped cream.

22. “Dare: I dare you to recreate our first kiss on your hand and send me a video of it.”

If there was a lot of tongue action involved, this could be a very entertaining dare.

23. “Truth: What is the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for you?”

Take note of this one — it just might give you more insight into their love language.

24. “Dare: I dare you to wear your shirt inside out all day, and act confused if anyone mentions it.”

The debrief about this once they get off work is definitely going to be hilarious.

25. “Truth: What’s the most embarrassing thing I would find in your bedroom if I looked through it?”

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This will tell you if they’re more of a nerdy figurine person or if they still keep their childhood emotional support blanket around.

26. “Dare: I dare you to order the first recommended item under $10 on your Amazon account and send it to my house.”

Knowing the Amazon algorithm, you might be in for a really odd gift.

27. “Truth: What was your biggest fear as a kid, and are you still scared of it now?”

Just let them know that it’s still OK to be afraid of clowns. They are scary.

28. “Dare: I dare you to get on the ground right now and do 10 push-ups.”

Even if it’s at their desk, they should thank you for the free mini-workout.

29. “Truth: Have you ever had a sex dream about me? If so, what happened in it?”

This might just be one you’ll want to be at home for.

30. “Dare: I dare you to write a love haiku and set it as your Facebook status for the entire day.”

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The confused comments they’ll get from friends will totally keep you entertained all day.

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