Dip Your Toe Into Yoga With These 10 Beginner-Level Peloton Flows

From 5-minute sequences to restorative flows.

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The 10 best Peloton yoga classes for beginners.
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Peloton’s library of classes features so much more than the cycling workouts it’s famous for. The massively popular fitness platform offers practically every form of exercise you can think of — including all sorts of vinyasa flows. Stepping onto your mat for the first time? Just work through any of the best Peloton yoga classes for beginners.

The workout app first introduced yoga to its offerings in 2018, and its bendy classes have been booming ever since. And, starting April 19, Peloton Yoga has launched globally, so users in the platform’s available markets can now stream classes in different languages (Spanish and German) and pick from even more types of flows.

Much like Peloton’s other workouts, you can choose how long you want your yoga session to be — its flows range from 5 minutes to 75 minutes. And you can pick your theme, difficulty level, and music, too (it is Peloton, after all). Scroll through the platform’s exercise catalog and you’ll find things like a 30-minute Shakira flow, a 10-minute restorative practice, and a spicy 45-minute power yoga class. It’s even got 5-minute tutorials of basic yoga poses so you can perfect your form before doing a full flow. So yoga newbs have plenty of novice-friendly options.

If you’re ready to move through some downward dogs and hip-opening warrior poses, here are some of the best Peloton yoga classes for beginners to try. All you need is your mat (and maybe your favorite pair of leggings).


10-Minute Basics: Transitions

Peloton Yoga instructor Anna Greenberg walks you through a quickie demonstration of yoga transitions so you can get comfortable with flowing between basic poses before tackling a longer session.


30-Minute Slow Flow

Ease into your practice with this half-hour session taught by instructor Denis Morton — it’s slow, so you’ll be able to sit in poses for a longer period of time (and reap the benefit of more muscle-opening goodness). Be sure to have your blocks on hand.


20-Minute Focus Flow: Chest Openers

Got tight, rounded shoulders? Work through this beginner-level class, taught by Aditi Shah, that focuses on chest openers — aka yoga poses that unwind all the tightness in your upper body. It’s perfect for fitting into your lunch break, before work, or any time you need some shoulder stretches.


30-Minute Morning Yoga Flow

Peloton Yoga pro Chelsea Jackson Roberts has the perfect, gentle workout for your morning routine: This 30-minute flow. You’ll shake out any stiffness you woke up with so you can start your day more open and limber.


45-Minute Yoga Flow

If you’re craving a longer yoga session, try Kristin McGee’s 45-minute beginner-level class. She walks you through staple poses and sun salutations that boost your strength (and make you sweat) as you connect your movement to your breath.


10-Minute Restorative

Wind down after a stressful day (or whenever you need a mind-body reset) with this short but relaxing restorative yoga class, taught by Ross Rayburn. Grab your bolster, your yoga blocks, and a blanket to make it extra cozy.


15-Minute Chair Yoga

Yes, you can practice from your desk chair: Open up your muscles with this 15-minute session from Jackson Roberts for a feel-good work break.


5-Minute Standing Yoga

Shah takes you through this 5-minute standing yoga session — though it’s short, the side bends and forward folds will quash any tension within your muscles so you’re left feeling like you’ve got more length in your body.


30-Minute Evening Flow

For beginner-level yogis that want to lengthen their muscles before going to sleep, this 30-minute evening flow from Greenberg will ease you into bed.


20-Minute Yoga Flow

In this 20-minute yoga session, led by McGee, you’ll bend your body into everything from triangle pose to pigeon for a short but impactful practice. Work through this short flow whenever you’re craving full-body stretches.

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