10 Yoga Tips For Beginners, Courtesy Of TikTok

Pro tip: Start slow.

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10 yoga tips for beginners, courtesy of TikTok.
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When you’re just starting yoga, the thought of getting into a headstand or crow pose can definitely seem intimidating. But you really don’t have to worry about nailing advanced-level positions to reap the benefits — because the essence of the workout is all about going at your own pace and embracing the mind-body connection. And, to help you get more comfortable on your mat, these yoga tips for beginners from TikTok are a great place to start if you’re looking to dip your toes into your own practice.

If you scroll through TikTok, the video sharing app is filled with beginner-friendly tips for warming up to the workout modality. An example of the tips you can discover via the platform? One is that the early stages of learning how to do yoga can really be as simple as doing a toe-touch stretch — or a forward fold, as it’s called in the yogi world. You can also spend all your time on the mat practicing your downward facing dog form, aka one of the most foundational poses that make up a flow. Whatever your yoga practice du jour may be, pro yogis say that going slow is encouraged. And some of the best TikTok yoga tips for beginners include warm-up or wind-down stretches for your nighttime ritual or morning routine. (The best part about these? You can do them without even having to get out of bed.) If that doesn’t make you feel less intimidated about setting off on your yoga journey, let these TikToks speak for themselves.

From how to nestle into child’s pose or ways to use affirmations to boost your practice, here are some easy-to-follow yoga tips for beginners.


Learn Modified Poses

If you’re not quite ready to dive into poses like downward dog or chaturanga yogi Victoria Sisco shares modified versions of classic positions. For instance, you’ll learn how to do a downward facing dog with bent knees, or to lower your knees in a high plank if you’re just starting off and need something simpler.


Try Yoga From Your Bed

Talk about an easy beginner’s guide — this yoga teacher demonstrates laid-back poses you can do before you step out of bed in the morning. She recommends trying pigeon pose for a deep hip-opening stretch or getting into a supine twist to unfurl aches and pains.


Watch Side-By-Side Flows

If you’ve found it difficult to keep up during a yoga class, this TikTok gives you a side-by-side visual of what a beginner’s variation versus an advanced pose looks like so you can get comfortable with the basics.


Flow Through Classic Yoga Poses

Throughout most flows, there are a few staple poses that you’ll most likely hit within each yoga sesh. TikTok user Sharron Lynn demonstrates a few of these basics, including cat-cow, downward facing dog, and a forward fold.


Try Yoga With Props

To make some stretching poses easier, it helps to have props nearby. Yoga blocks and blankets will be your best friends for these — this TikTok user recommends grabbing a blanket for hip and knee support and a couple of blocks for added length.


Practice Yoga Affirmations

One of the easiest ways to feel confident as you step onto your mat? According to this TikTok use, use affirmations. There’s so many ways to practice yoga, and she recommends to remind yourself it’s all about feeling good — so don’t get bogged down by what the best way to practice is.


Ease Into Puppy Pose

An easy way to open up your shoulders, even as a beginner yogi? This TikTok shows how to do puppy pose against the wall — rather than your mat — to better nail your form.


Learn Staple Yoga Positions

Yoga teacher Natalia Carmen has the low-down on some more staple poses you should know as a beginner, and demonstrates them in this five-move TikTok vid.


Do Bedtime Yoga Stretches

Nighttime stretches not only help you unwind before bed, but they can also ease you into some easy yoga positions. Gentle neck stretches, seated twists, and reclined hamstring stretches are the perfect way to end the day before you catch some ZZZs, according to this TikTok user.


Flow From Your Chair

Looking to practice some beginner stretches from your WFH desk? This TikTok yogi guides you through some poses you can do while seated in a chair, including cat-cow and side twists. Next time you hop onto the mat for morning yoga, you can use these tips to mimic the motions on the floor.

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