The 21 Best Sex Positions For 2021

Finally, something to look forward to.

Sex positions to try in 2021.
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Although the end of 2020 sadly didn't bring the end of the pandemic, and as a result most of us are all still hanging around indoors, this list of 21 sex positions for 2021 will definitely give you and your partner something to look forward to in the coming months. And really, who doesn't need that?

After a whole year spent inside, things have likely gotten a bit stale between you. Between working side-by-side, to not being able to go on dates, it's only natural to feel a bit glazed over. But even if you're enjoying the routine of staying home and hanging out 24/7, it never hurts to intentionally switch things up — particularly in the bedroom.

From using chairs and countertops, to playing with food, why not experiment with different sex positions and other fantasies, to see what you like? Besides adding a little more fun to your day, it's possible you'll both might come out the other side with new interests you didn't even know you had.

So with that in mind, here are 21 new sex positions to try this year whenever the mood strikes, whether it's on a Friday evening or the moment your Zoom meeting ends. (Just make sure to turn off your camera!)



Leave it to Ariana Grande to make a classic position feel fresh again, am I right? To spice up your 69, have both partners lie on their sides, propped up by pillows. By turning to your side, your head gets a little more space to move around, and you're not as bombarded with your partner's bod (but if that's what you're into, then you know what you like).


Put A Finger Down If...

For more intimate fingering, have the giving partner recline back on the bed, propped up on pillows, with their legs spread. The receiving partner can then sit between the giving parter's legs, facing away and lying back (as if you're spooning but sitting up).

Have the giving partner reach around, stimulating the receiving partner with fingers or a toy. This position lets you snuggle up as you bring on the pleasure.


Pole Worker

The big election is over, but you can still take a poll. (Read: Use your leg as a pole.) Have the receiving partner lie down, comfortable on pillows. As they lift one leg in the air, have the penetrating partner approach on their knees, straddling the leg that's on the bed. This position allows for deeper penetration and sensation.


What's The T?

For the piping hot tea, try this piping hot position. Have the penetrating partner lie on their side, with the receiving partner lying perpendicular toward them, making a "T" shape meeting at your pelvis.

From there, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner with their penis, strap-on, or stimulate them with fingers or a toy. This position lets you both recline and relax while getting it on from a new angle.



In the name of gender inclusion, consider "WAP" to mean wet a*s parts. Using tons of lube on your hands and on your partner's parts, stimulate them with your fingers. Because let's be real: Hand stuff is slept on.

Using extra lube, you'll get to slowly and erotically get a feel for your partner — literally.


Tie-Dye Sweatsuit

Using rope, ribbon, a tie, or anything else you can kind, take turns experimenting with bondage. Tie your partner's hands together or to the headboard. Bring in a blindfold for some extra sensory fun. Just remember to take it slow and consider having a "safe word" so you both know when to stop if someone isn't feeling it anymore.


It's The Lift For Me

Have the receiving partner sit near the foot of the bed, lie back, and lift their legs in the air. Then the penetrating partner can approach and raise the receiving partner's hips into the air, all while entering or stimulating them while standing up. (It's tricky, but worth the effort.)


Yoga Yeet

For a deep stretch and even deeper penetration, have the receiving partner sit back on their knees, bending over and reaching forward in a "Child's Pose" yoga position. Have the penetrating partner approach from behind, sitting on bent knees, with their torso up, pulling the receiving partner closer to them. This position allows for deep stimulation from all sorts of new angles.



Named after the flower that grows through mud, this position will (hopefully) be the perfect metaphor for 2021.

To try it, have the penetrating partner sit "criss-cross applesauce" on the floor, with their legs bent. Have the receiving partner straggle them, lower down, and cross their legs around.

If all the stretching isn't working for you, try having both partners keep their legs extended and use pillows and blankets for extra support.


Pillows On Periodt

For a reverse-cowgirl with extra support, have the penetrating partner reclined on the bed, propped up on a stack of pillows. The receiving partner can turn away, straddling over the penetrating partner. This position allows the partner a front-row view of your bangin' backside — and lets you both lie back and relax.


Kind Of Extra

To spice up a basic missionary position, prop up the receiving partner's hips with pillows or a rolled blanket. With their legs higher in the air, they'll wrap their feet around the penetrating partner, pushing them in to enter deeper. Adding some height under the receiving partner's hips also works great for fingering and oral.


Love To See It

To try this position, the receiving partner will sit in a chair with their legs spread and feet on the ground, while the giving partner kneels between their legs and orally stimulating the receiving partner from below. This position is a great way to play with power dynamics and feel different sensations during oral.



This position is all about the floor. (That, and direct communication about where you legs go.)

To give it a go, sit on the floor with your legs bent and spread and arms behind you, basically like a "crab walk" position. Approaching each other in your crab walk, have the penetrating partner keep their feet on the floor, and legs spread wide entering the receiving partner with a penis, strap-on, or toy.

Have the receiving partner lift their hips, spreading their legs around the penetrating partner. Laugh as you go, this one takes some major trial and error.


No Cap

The receiving partner will lie on their back with their legs in the air. The penetrating partner can then kneel in between while entering or stimulating the receiving partner with a penis, strap-on, toy, or fingers. For maximum penetration, the receiving partner can bend their knees around the penetrating partner's shoulders to lift their hips.


Snatched Seat

One partner will hop up on a countertop or sturdy table, with their legs open and feet dangling down. The penetrating partner can then do their best to enter them or stimulate them. The height difference will allow the penetrating partner to hit all the right spots.


OK... Go Off

Anther way to hit all the right spots? Have the receiving partner lie on their back, with their legs bent and feet on the bed, lifting their hips. The penetrating partner will them approach the receiving partner's legs, entering or stimulating them while on their knees. This position will allow you to keep eye contact as you both hit deeper angels.


No Shade

If you want to make 2021 extra experimental, bring some whipped cream or chocolate sauce (or a topping of your choosing) into the bedroom. Swirl that whipped cream and drizzle that sauce, and try to figure out how and where you both like to be touched.


Stand Stan

For doggy style with some added height, have the receiving partner stand and bed over a table, counter, or the bed. The penetrating partner can then shimmy up behind them and enter or stimulate them with a penis, strap-on, fingers, or a toy.


Good Vibes Only

If you've been thinking about bringing a toy into the bedroom, consider this your lucky day. (Or year.)

Get yourself comfortable with your favorite vibrator or dildo, and start pleasuring yourself and see if your partner would like to sit nearby and watch.

Although it may feel a bit awkward at first, showing your SO how you like to be touched can be super educational (not to mention erotic). If you prefer a two-player game, have them use a toy on you and talk them through what feels good.


Rollin' With The Homies

If you're feeling frisky and energetic, this move is the one for you.

Have the receiving partner lie on their back, lifting their legs up toward their head, so their knees are near their shoulders and their ankles are close to the ground. The penetrating partner can then approach their knees (or standing up, if the height works), penetrating or stimulating the receiving partner as they're rolled over.


Bad Bleep

While the penetrating partner lies on their back with their legs extended and one leg bent, the receiving partner can then straddle the penetrating partner's bent leg, moving their hips back to meet their partner's pelvis.