A Guide To Megan Thee Stallion's Hot Girl Workout

“The results have been resulting.”

A guide to Megan Thee Stallion's hot girl workout.
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Anytime Megan Thee Stallion is on stage, you have to wonder about her workout routine. Take the rapper’s recent performance with Cardi B at the VMAs, for example. While dancing to their new hit song “Bongos,” Meg was spotted doing not one, not two, but dozens of hot girl squats.

To give the world a glimpse of her fitness regimen, Meg posted a snippet on TikTok — and it already has over 1 million likes. Of course, fans have seen glimpses of her routine on her Instagram Reels, where she shares her “hottie bootcamps” and other workouts, but this routine seems to be what the rapper has been getting up to lately.

The workout was created by Meg’s long-time trainer, ex-athlete Tim Boutte. While listening to “Bongos” (naturally), the two moved through one glute-burning move after another. It looked tough, but, while looking in the mirror, Meg said “the results have been resulting.”

Meg’s clearly been training hard for her upcoming performances. She also recently partnered with the Nike training club app to share some of her workouts — so clearly the singer is in her fitness era. “The word for the rest of the year is ‘consistency’,” she says at the beginning of her TikTok. Keep reading below for Meg’s gym routine.

1. Barbell Deadlifts

Megan starts her workout with a round of deadlifts, aka the hip-hinging compound exercise that works your hamstrings, back, hips, core — and, of course, your glutes.

During a deadlift, the hamstring muscles on the backs of your legs contract and lengthen as you lift and lower the weight, and your glutes light up as you press your feet into the floor, Brittany Geary, an ACE-certified personal trainer with Ladies Who Lift, previously told Bustle.

2. Banded In-Out Jump Squats

Next up, Meg’s trainer had her put a resistance band around her ankles, pick up a ball, and jump across the room. This type of jump squat with an in-out motion is a good way to hit the glutes, calves, quads, and inner and outer thighs. The resistance band and weighted ball are there to add extra tension.

With the jumping element, you’re also getting your heart rate up. As Brett Larkin, a yoga instructor and founder of Uplifted Yoga, previously told Bustle, jump squats are one of the best kinds of cardio you can do, so Meg was definitely breaking a hot girl sweat.

3. Landmine Squats

Using a hinged weighted bar called a landmine, Megan went for another tough round of squats.

While air squats are always a good booty workout, adding extra weight will help you zero in on your glute muscles even more. If you don’t have a landmine handy, you can always do a round of barbell squats to bring on the burn.

4. Jump Rope

Meg also tried her hand at jumping rope, though she did admit she wasn’t good at it.

According to Sandra Gail Frayna, a physical therapist, jumping rope is a fab plyometric exercise that helps improve your lower body mobility, strength, power, and balance. It’s also a good way to break a sweat.

5. Quick Break

Halfway through her routine, Meg took a moment to be honest about her exhaustion levels by sprawling out on the gym floor — and it was a mood. She admitted that these types of workouts hurt, but that it’s mostly a mental game, so you need to “get your a*s up and go do it” anyway.

6. Burpee Mountain Climbers

For more cardio, Meg dropped down for a round of mountain climbers before hopping up, jumping laterally, and doing even more. Mountain climbers work your upper body, core, and lower body and they also spike your heart rate. Mid-burpee, the rapper joked that her trainer is acting like she’s trying out for a football team with how much he’s making her do.

7. Banded Bear Crawls

When Megan found out that this move was called a bear crawl, she said, “I’m Megan Thee Stallion, not Megan Thee Bear.” But even though they were off-brand, she did them anyway.

As Michael Jones, CMT, a certified personal trainer and movement and mobility specialist, previously told Bustle, bear crawls are a full-body exercise that improves your coordination while strengthening all the major muscle groups, like the shoulders, chest, core, and quads.

8. RDLs + Upright Row

To give her arms a little love, Meg did some Romanian deadlifts, or RDLs, followed by an upright row. RDLs strengthen your posterior chain, aka all the muscles down the back of your body, as you lift and lower the weight.

Instead of pointing your elbows backward for a traditional row, an upright row has you pulling the weight up the length of your body to your shoulders as a way to work your core, arms, and upper back.

9. Barbell Walking Lunge

Before she called it quits for the day, Meg did a set of walking lunges across the gym with a big barbell stacked on her shoulders. To make things even more difficult, her trainer had her do a front kick with every step to test her balance and spike her heart rate even more.

According to Heather Carroll, CPT, a certified personal trainer, walking lunges work your hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads, as well as your core, which you have to engage in order to remain stable.

A hot girl workout is not a joke.


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