10 Trainer-Approved Tips For Getting Through Hard Runs

Slay those miles.

10 trainer-approved tips for getting through hard runs.
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Running can be tough. And after slogging for miles, you might not always be in the mood to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Here, trainers share their top running motivation tips so you can soak up that runner’s high.


Plan Ahead

Set yourself up for success, says Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Lindsey Clayton. Lay out your clothes, charge your devices, download your fave podcast, map your route, and hydrate. That way, come jog time, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running (literally).


Prep Your Body

Don’t go from zero to sprinting: It’s important to prepare your body before your run, says Alo Moves instructor Roxie Jones. She recommends 10 minutes of mobility exercises, dynamic stretches, or light running drills to prime your joints and muscles.


What’s Your Why?

Remember why you want to run in the first place, says Openfit trainer Joey Thurman. Maybe jogging clears your mind or perhaps it’s your break from screen time — whatever your purpose, use it as inspo to power through the rest of your run.


Motivate With Music

There’s nothing like upbeat jams to give you the boost you need to slay your run, says Thurman. Put on your fave playlist or jog to a soundtrack to feel like you’re on an adventure. Bonus? Science shows music can make you feel less tired and exercise harder.


Ditch Your Watch

Maybe you check the time and think, “OMG, I'm running so slow today.” Or perhaps you keep peeking at your watch only to find you’re still in that interval. The solution? Ditch it so you can focus on how you’re feeling, says Clayton.


Set Small Goals

Instead of thinking about the miles ahead, focus on hitting short goals, suggests Thurman. Maybe it’s getting to the next street, beating the light ahead, or shaving a few seconds off your last mile time. Setting immediate goals will push you to the finish line.

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Switch It Up

If you're in a running rut, Clayton suggests making a change. Sick of your route? Try a new one. Are the people you're running with too fast or slow? Go on some solo jogs. Those little tweaks can breathe new life into your workout, she tells Bustle.


Focus On Feeling

Runner’s high is a real thing. So if you’re not loving your run or find yourself getting bogged down in mile times, Thurman recommends focusing instead on how great you’ll feel after your run. Then chase that feeling all the way back home.


Take It Easy

Sure, maybe you run to get faster and stronger. But sometimes easing back and taking a shorter or slower run is just the recipe for getting you through a workout on days where you feel tired, stiff, or just not in the mood, says Clayton.


Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to making it through your runs, says Jones. If you schedule some jogs as a regular part of your weekly routine, it’ll soon feel like second nature to knock out your run — and you’ll even crave your daily sesh.

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