Your Love Life This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

Tune out the noise and trust your intuition.

It’s officially July and something is in the air. For some of you, your dating life is about to take off and lead to a hot and steamy summer of love. For others, you might need to make some big decisions in the days ahead, especially if you have a situationship that you can’t quite seem to shake.

To find out what’s in store, Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual counselor, pulled three tarot cards to answer a set of love-related questions — regardless of your relationship status — and he also shared some helpful advice for navigating it all.

Card 1: What do I need to know about dating or my relationship this week?

The Two of Swords, represents a time of contemplation, decision-making, meditation, and balance, Wang says. It shows a blindfolded person, which suggests someone tapping into their inner consciousness while ignoring outside distractions.

Think of this card as an invitation to get back in touch with how you feel and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Step away from your group chat, stop calling your mom for advice, and instead look inward to assess how you truly feel.

If you’re in an annoying situationship or rocky relationship, this might be the week you finally realize it’s time to call it quits, especially if the ups and downs or “will they/won’t they” energy has been affecting your wellbeing. Imagine what a relief it’ll be to call it off and set yourself free.

If you’re single, Wang says this week will have you feeling slightly magical as you seem to pick up on “signs from the universe” everywhere you go. Follow your intuition — which might feel like the urge to get back on a dating app or a sudden desire to chat with a cute barista — and it might just direct you towards your next love interest.

Card 2: How can I attract more love this week?

If you dare complain about your boring love life to your bestie, chances are they’ll come at you with some cliché-riddled advice, like “you just need to put yourself back out there!” This old adage is exhausting to hear, especially if you’ve been single for forever, but there is some truth to it — and it’s also what the Eight of Pentacles is all about.

This card encourages dedication and effort, as evidenced by the person chiseling away at a pile of coins. To attract more love into your life this week, Wang recommends adopting the same energy for yourself by putting in the work.

Sometimes the hunt for love can feel like a part-time job, but that’s often what it takes to meet The One. Instead of waiting around for the love of your life to find you, try to put yourself in more situations where you can make connections.

Take classes, volunteer, go to art openings and backyard parties — and ask the aforementioned friend to keep an eye out for potential love matches, too. “The universe is telling you that through hard work and perseverance, you will naturally draw in the love and affection that you seek,” Wang says.

Card 3: How does my date or significant other feel about me this week?

The Chariot represents determination and forward momentum, and that’s great news if you’ve been wondering how your partner truly feels about you. “This card suggests that there is a sense of progress in your relationship,” says Wang, so don’t be surprised if you mutually decide to take things to the next level before the end of the week.

If you’ve been going strong for months, expect your connection to feel even more serious and devoted in the days ahead. You’ll both feel more engaged and invested in deepening your connection, and it’ll become crystal clear that you’re meant to be together.

Just like a warrior charging forward on a chariot, this card is also here to remind you that you recently overcame some pretty intense challenges as a duo. The fact that you and your partner decided to have each other’s backs, even when times were tough, is another good sign that you’re both dedicated — and totally in love.


Letao Wang, astrologer, tarot reader, spiritual counselor