There’s 1 Zodiac Sign Who Loves Sleep The Most

You can guarantee they’ll be hitting the snooze button.

This zodiac sign is the sleepiest of them all.
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I’ve always envied people who can sleep a mere five hours per night and somehow still spring out of bed feeling fresh and ready to face the day. As for me, I’m cranky and exhausted if I get anything less than eight or nine hours of beauty rest. And there are plenty of reasons why some people might feel more tired or need more sleep than others. Genetics can play a role in how much you snooze and how tired you feel during the day, as can other health and lifestyle factors. But could astrology affect someone’s general sleepiness levels?

When it comes to astrology and slumber, a few celestial points can shine some light on sleep habits. The twelfth house of a birth chart is part of the chart that rules sleeping, solitude, and all things concerning the unconscious mind — so having certain planets or cosmic activities here could potentially make someone crave more rest. You can also look to Neptune, the planet of dreams, liminal spaces, and altered states of consciousness. The placement of this hazy and elusive celestial body in someone’s chart could also hint at specific habits or tendencies when it comes to getting some shut-eye.

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A birthday alone can’t dictate how tired you are, but there is one zodiac sign that happens to be closely linked to both of these sleep-related astrological markers, and that’s the mutable water sign Pisces. Intuitive Pisces are ruled by Neptune, imbuing them with the planet’s dreamy and ethereal vibe. They’re also naturally associated with the twelfth house of restoration, so connecting with their subconscious self through dreaming, sleeping, and solitude is important to them. As a result, people with a lot of Pisces energy in their chart or significant Pisces placements — especially the sun or moon — tend to be a little more heavy-eyed than some other members of the zodiac.

If you were born between Feb. 19 and March 20 and find yourself repeatedly hitting the snooze button every morning, you may be able to blame it on your zodiac sign.

They Have Active Dream Lives

As the sign ruled by the mystical planet Neptune, Pisces arguably have the most active and meaningful dream life of the whole zodiac. Neptune's transits can have a soporific and dazey effect on everyone, but as Pisces’ planetary ruler, its influence is even more tangible in the life of the cosmic fish.

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These imaginative water signs are born with a natural sixth sense, and they often seem to be able to access otherworldly energies or the astral plane in a way that others can’t. This makes both sleeping and dreaming an especially important part of their lives. Pisces might experience unusually vivid dreams or deep sleep, and they often enjoy ruminating on the stories and symbolism within their slumberous visions.

They Simply Love Being Cozy At Home

In a Pisces’ solar chart, the house associated with leisure time, hobbies, and passion is ruled by the domestic and comfort-seeking sign of Cancer. This means that when it comes to the things that make a Pisces heart sing, being cozy at home is definitely at the top of the list.

While some people like to spend their free time doing outdoor activities or hitting hot spots around town, Pisces would much rather cuddle up on their couch with a good movie or lounge around at a friend’s house chatting the night away. Because they value their relaxation time so much, they may sometimes decline offers to do group activities or show up to big social events, which could make them come off as a bit low-energy. But really, they just love being able to chill.

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Grind Culture Really Wears Them Out

Plenty of people dislike grind culture and feel fatigued by the constant hustle and bustle of modern life. But for dreamy and sensitive Pisces, this lifestyle can be especially draining. Pisces are incredibly creative, emotionally aware, and go-with-the-flow individuals. But one thing that simply doesn’t come naturally to them is sticking to a strict routine and managing a busy schedule. Being bound to a calendar or email inbox takes more effort for these ethereal signs than for some.

As a result, dealing with life’s mundane responsibilities leaves Pisces people feeling exhausted at the end of the day — meaning they sometimes need more rest and downtime to recover. This isn’t to say that a Pisces can’t be a high-powered, schedule-slaying badass at work. It may just require more energetic output for them, and thus some extra time to recharge their batteries.

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