Halloween Will Have An Extra Hour This Year!

by Eliza Castile

Heads up, everyone — this year's Halloween is going to be the best ever, hands down. No, it's not because it's my turn to wear the Sexy Iron Man costume this year; nor is it because the holiday is on a Saturday for once, although that does have something to do with it. Daylight Saving Time ends on Halloween this year, which means that we have an extra hour of spooky celebrations to enjoy. Time to break out the glow-in-the-dark Red Bull vodka shots and cancel your Sunday drunch plans, because 2015 is going to be a doozy.

By the way, I'm told that not everyone shares my adoration for Halloween, to which I have one response: Were you born without the capacity for fun or did you have it removed later on? In all seriousness, the holiday has something for everyone. If you have kids, you can ruthlessly compete with all the other Pinterest parents to dress up your baby in the cutest, wittiest costume of your social circle. If you're a hermit (like me), it's an excuse to stay in as much as you want for an entire month; just use the excuse that you're binge-watching scary movies in honor of the upcoming holiday. If you're a party girl (also like me — I'm a complicated person), you have an excuse to don your sexiest costume and enjoy an entire night of hot men dressed up as Don Draper buying you $3 candy corn shots. It's a win-win-win for everyone.

With that in mind, I think we can all agree that having an extra hour this year is going to make Halloween 2015 a scarily good time, but if you need a little more convincing, I've compiled an ever-so-scientific list of seven reasons why below.

1. There's more time to get ready.

This year, you totally have an excuse for showing up two hours late to your BFF's Halloween bash. "Well," you'll say, batting your neon green eyelashes that took 45 minutes to put on correctly. "Since we have an extra hour to party, I didn't want to tire out too early."

Will they hate you a little? Probably, but your logic is sound.

2. An extra hour of Halloween programming.

If you're more the type to stay in and hand out candy on Halloween, don't fret. You can enjoy an extra 60 minutes of Halloween specials, or you can just give in and watch Hocus Pocus for the eighth time that night. I won't tell.

3. Not one, but TWO witching hours.

Do you always miss the opportunity to summon demons on Halloween at 3 a.m.? That's probably for the best, but if you're determined to do it this year, you could totally make the case that there will be two 3 a.m.'s, depending on whether said demon has noticed it's not Daylight Saving Time anymore (the clocks turn back at 2 a.m. on Nov. 1). Eh, it (hopefully) won't care either way.

4. Your Halloween playlist can be longer.

One of the greatest things about hosting a party is inflicting your choice of music upon everyone, and this year, you can force your friends to listen to "The Monster Mash" for an extra hour. What a time to be alive!

5. Last call will be later.

Thanks to the time change, last call is also going to be later than usual, meaning you can flirt with the person dressed as Ruby Rose until the wee hours of the morning.

6. You can pretend you're going to bed early.

Alternatively, if you're trying to get the hang of this whole adulthood thing, chances are you're trying to make yourself go to bed early on Halloween because that's what real people do. This year, though, you can totally stay up till two o'clock in the morning reading creepypasta, but the clock will still read 1 a.m. — thereby leaving your sense of adulthood intact.

7. More time = More sleep (!!!)

Everyone always says they're going to do something with the extra hour we get after Daylight Saving Time ends, but if we're being honest with ourselves, we all know it's just an excuse to sleep in the next day. Getting into the Halloween spirit takes a lot of work.

Images: August Brill/Flickr; Giphy (7)