7 Places He Gets Turned On That You Didn’t Know About

When we think about men's sexually sensitive places, our brain immediately goes to the penis. And with the entire penis ― glans, shaft, and all ― full of nerve endings that make even the slightest touch feel, well, euphoric, it’s easy to think that it might be the only place on the male body where men can feel enough pleasure to be truly turned on. But that isn’t the case. Just as it is with the female body, there are more than a few places that can be major turn-ons for guys.

Although the level of sensitivity can differ from guy to guy, there are still specific erogenous zones that can bring any man to his knees. In stimulating these special points, you’re not just relaxing your partner, but also titillating him, maybe even to the extent of an orgasm. It might seem like a stretch that a man could orgasm from stimulation of anything aside from his penis, but it can happen ― just as some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation.

So what are these spots that you need to start paying attention to, if you’re not already? In addition to his penis and his lips, here are seven others.

1. The Forearm

Considering how exposed the forearm is at all times, it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of turning a guy on, but now it should. There are actually a whole bunch of nerves hiding out under those hair follicles. When the forearm is touched, those nerves just come alive like little spark plugs of ecstasy.

2. His Balls

Because the penis likes to be the star of the show, we sometimes forget that the balls are there, just dying to get some attention. Think about it this way: If the clit is the equivalent the penis, then the outer vaginal lips are the equivalent of the scrotum in regards to sensitivity. The two areas are made of the same embryonic tissue, to give you an idea of what he’s feeling ― and what he’s feeling is going to turn him on like whoa.

3. His Inner Thigh

Due to its close location to his penis and scrotum, it only makes sense that the inner thigh would be a major turn on spot for a guy. Just a few light touches or kisses, slowly working your way up, is exactly what you want to do.

4. His Pubic Hairline

Similarly to the inside of his thigh, his pubic hairline is also a place in which he can be turned on, because you’re getting close to the goods, but haven’t quite reached them. It’s a bit of a tease of a sensation, and prepares him for what’s to come.

5. His Ears

While you may think that your sweet nothings might be the reason a man gets turned on every time you graze his ears with your lips, the real deal is what’s going on in the ear, as far as nerves are concerned. Loaded up with sensory receptors, ears are a huge turn-on spot. In fact, ears are so sensitive that they're just behind the scrotum on the list of sensitive places on men. Touching them the right way might even lead to him having an orgasm.

6. The Nape Of His Neck

Don’t you just love to be kissed and touched on the nape of your neck? It’s such a turn-on, isn’t it? Well, the same goes for guys. The bunch of nerves that reside at the nape of the neck are essential to the nervous system, and are just steps away from the stem of the brain, where all this stimulation is wildly reported to be the best.

7. His Perineum

Also known as the “taint,” the perineum is that spot between the anus and the scrotum or vulva. It is a a major spot for turning a guy on, not just because of it’s location ― not quite on his balls, not quite in his ass ― but also because there is a mass of nerves in that area. Most notably, there's the perineal nerve. The perineum is also the sweet spot if you want to make him come faster.

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