7 Ways To Make Him Come Faster

Whether it’s because you’re having a quickie or it’s just taking your guy forever to come, sometimes you just want to speed things up. Having long drawn-out sex for hours at a time is fun, but there aren’t always enough hours in the day to do so. Men usually orgasm quicker than women, but this isn’t always the rule. Occasionally, a man needs a little extra something to get him good and ready to go, and that’s where you come in.

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to have an orgasm, but not being able to. It can drive both men and women mad. If you’ve already determined that there’s not a physical or mental reason as to why your partner can’t come, then you need to pull out your bag of tricks and offer something new to your sexual docket. You could always just let him masturbate, but isn’t giving each other pleasure part of the fun? I think so.

So the next time your fella is struggling with coming or you need to get back to work because you really do only have an hour for lunch, try one of these seven techniques. He’ll climax in no time.

1. Skip The Alcohol Beforehand

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Alcohol may lower inhibitions and make you feel pretty frisky, but it also prolongs a man’s ability to climax. Not only can it take forever if he’s been drinking, but he might not even be able to get an erection at all… then everyone is frustrated.

2. Moan Like Crazy

Although men may be more visual creatures than creatures who rely on sound to get them going, a 2013 study found that when you’re vocal your partner really loves it. The study by researchers at the University of Leeds found that not only does moaning enhance the sexual experience for both parties, but two-thirds of women said that they would deliberately take their moaning up several notches to help their partner come.

3. Role Play

Sometimes the idea of being with someone new can be a total turn on. But if you’re in a committed relationship where having sex with other people isn’t what you and your partner do, then turn yourself into someone else. Try wearing something you never would or acting in a way that's just completely not you. Create a whole new persona and stay in character. He’ll definitely be pushed to the brink of orgasm.

4. Try Anal Play

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According to sex therapist, Vanessa Marin, the quickest way to make a guy orgasm is to touch his anus. While it still may be a bit taboo for straight men to enjoy anal play, Marin says, “Pressing a finger against a man’s anus can help him ejaculate much quicker.” Of course this is something you’re going to want to talk about beforehand, if you’ve never done it before. No one wants a finger in their ass without giving the a-OK to do so.

5. Do It Cowgirl

The best part about doing it cowgirl is that both parties benefit because of the maximum penetration that’s being had. Because the guy is penetrating you so deeply it also makes for optimal stimulation, allowing him to come faster than he would in other positions. Also, doggy style, too, never fails to get a guy to climax in a pretty timely matter. Dudes just love to look at your butt while having sex with you.

6. Grab His Butt

According to Scott Alden over at The Date Report, if you really want a guy to climax and climax stat, grab his butt and pull him deeper into you. It will also make his orgasm better, especially if you clench your vaginal muscles around his penis.

7. Hone In On His Perineum

A man's perineum, or as it's more commonly known "taint," is that space between his balls and his penis. It's extremely sensitive and is often overlooked during both sex and blowjobs. Giving attention to the perineum for a change, especially applying pressure to it so as to stimulate the prostate, will definitely speed things up. It's also a great option if your guy isn't too keen on having your finger in his butt.

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