Ed Sheeran Is Facebook's Most Talked About Celeb For 2015, Here's Some Moments That Prove It's Not All That Surprising

It's a scary feeling when you realize it's already December and the year is almost over. Seriously, where on Earth does all the time go? I will go cry about it later, because right now is the time for end of year lists! Although it seems to have flown by, a lot has happened in 2015, especially in the world of entertainment. Facebook has revealed Ed Sheeran is the site's most talked about celeb in their 2015 Year in Review list, which genuinely shocked me. Ed Sheeran? Really? But after some review, he definitely had a few very impressive career moments this year.

I will admit it took me a minute to become an Ed Sheeran fan. It was only after I saw one of his live performances that I realized this guy was a real deal singer/songwriter. He got a big boost in 2013 when his famous bestie, Taylor Swift, invited him to open up for her Red Tour, after they collaborated on her album. Soon, Sheeran nabbed a Best New Artist Grammy nomination in 2014, and since then he's become incredibly popular as indicated by his Facebook title.

Since he's now Facebook's most talked about celebrity, let's look at some of the moments that prove Sheeran was winning all year long in 2015.

1. Performed At The 2015 Grammy Awards

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sheeran performed a stripped down version of his hit, "Thinking Out Loud," at the 2015 Grammy Awards with help from some other top musicians: John Mayer, Questlove, and Herbie Hancock.

2. Shared The Stage With Queen Bey


Not only did Sheeran perform at a Stevie Wonder tribute this February, he also did a duet with Beyoncé!

3. Collaborated With Rising Star Tori Kelly

Sheeran got some early help in his career by opening up for T. Swift, and now he is helping out Tori Kelly as her career explodes. She opened up for him at his sold-out Madison Square Garden show and shared that their friendship and his support has inspired a few duets, which they hope to release in the future. Yes!

4. Starred In His Own Concert Special

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When NBC airs one of your concerts in one of the most iconic venues in the world, you know you have reached the upper echelons of performers. Sheeran got his own NBC special, Ed Sheeran - Live at Wembley Stadium, which aired in August.

5. Joined Beyoncé On Stage... Again

de LUCA on YouTube

If Beyoncé was willing to share her stage with you TWICE in one year, I think you win... everything. Sheeran played his acoustic version of "Drunk in Love" at the Global Citizen Festival this summer, and Bey looked and sounded amazing in her sparkly leotard.

6. Expanded His Resume As An Actor

Not only is Sheeran killing it in music, he announced that he would be appearing in the upcoming, Bridget Jones' Baby . Umm, this is epic and I need to see it now.

7. Nabbed Even More Grammy Nominations

When the 2016 Grammy Nominations were announced, Sheeran earned three for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance, all for "Thinking Out Loud." These will bring his Grammy nominations to nine in total in his career and could be his first wins come 2016.

If Sheeran's 2016 is even half as impressive as this past year, he will still be one of the biggest musicians on the planet and his talent deserves every bit of it.