2015 Was A Great Year For Kimye Fans, From Kanye 2020 To The Birth Of Saint West

As the year winds down, it's time to take a look back at which celebrity couples had banner years. Obviously at the top of the list: Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, who had the world in the palm of their hand with speculation about what their new baby would be named. But that's just the tip of the incredibly glittery iceberg. Kimye had a great 2015, but really, when's the last time they had a bad year? They even finished the year by welcoming their new holy child, Saint West, into the world, as if we needed more proof that Kanye and Kim Kardashian West are living the New American Dream. And, if you love Kimye, 2015 was a great year for your love.

Kim K and Yeezy had some larger-than-life moments in the past 12 months. Kanye announced a presidential bid, which actually isn't entirely surprising coming from Yeezus. They added to their family, and Kim gave birth to a little boy, sharing her pregnancy with fans every step of the way. They watched Amy Schumer fall at their feet. As always, the world was watching, and it was a better year to love them than ever. Let's toast to America's future first family with a look at all the reasons 2015 was a fulfilling and fabulous year for Kimye fans.

1. They Met Obama

Though they had met the president in late 2014, fans didn't get to see this awkward, adorable photo that Kim and Kanye took with Barry until the beginning of the year, and what a way to ring it in.

2. Kanye Blew Minds At SNL 40

Kanye's performance on the Saturday Night Live 40 special was INSANE, in the most amazing way. He sported some unsettling, icy contacts to perform a medley of "Jesus Walks," "Only One" and his new song from his upcoming album SWISH, "Wolves" on the SNL stage in February. It was an amazing, avant-garde performance that was spooky as hell and proved that 'Ye is an incredible artist. And I love that Kim wore those freaky contacts, too.

3. North Became A Literal Angel

The West family really went for it with the religious theme this year. We were all waiting for those gorgeous photos of Kimye traveling to Armenia for North's baptism, proving North West is an actual angel sent from heaven.

4. Kim Released Her Selfie Book, Selfish

Kim published her selfie book for the masses to see 352 photos of herself taken by herself. And that's amazing. Why critique a woman for vanity when the selfie is such a powerful way for women to literally reverse the gaze? If you're a Kimye fan, there's still time to order it as a holiday gift for someone you love (or yourself, which would be appropriate).

5. Kimye Got Pregnant Again

North West is one of the most beloved American royal children, so hearing that Kim and Kanye were expecting baby number two was enough to start a near-hysteria among fans. In June, Kim revealed her pregnancy on — what else? —an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which was very apropros. Twitter rejoiced,and Kimye fans could not wait to welcome baby West number two into the world.

6. Kanye 2020

Everyone is jumping in the presidential race, so why not Yeezy? During his acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, West announced that he'd be running for prez in 2020, and he's all in, as Kanye usually is. It seems like 2020 really is gonna be Yeezy Season. He's already got the support (emotional and fiscal) of the entire Kardashian fam, and hundreds of fans that can turn into constituents. Reagan came from Hollywood, and so can Kanye.

7. Kimye Halloween

Kim rocked the hell out of every single one of her maternity looks, but she really secured her place in my heart when she dressed up like herself for Halloween — in the infamous Met Gala Ricardo Tisci couch dress that she wore when she was pregnant with North.

8. They Got The Ultimate Selfie

Kim was on a mission to get a selfie with Hillary Clinton, and she usually has a way of making her own dreams come true. The best part is Kanye photobombing. Best part: Clinton re-grammed the photo.

9. Now Introducing... Saint West

What a way to end the year. Kim gave birth to her little boy Saint West just last week, capping an incredible year for Kimye.

It will be a hard year to top, but when haven't Kim and Kanye West been able to outdo themselves? Who knows what else they have up their sleeves? Here's to a great 2016 for the Wests. Maybe it's time Kanye starts working on his political campaign, but not before he releases his next album, of course.