13 Sui He Street Style Outfits To Copy, Because This Model Can Put Together An Outfit

If you haven't already heard of Sui He, now is the time to become acquainted with the stunning Chinese model. Because on top of being talented, drop-dead-gorgeous, and a trailblazer in diversity, Sui He has wicked street style that's worth copying. Infusing trendy elements into her chic, feminine off-duty style, He's Instagram account is full of covetable ensembles you can pick and choose from instantly to work into your own personal style for this season.

In a world where Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner make most of the fashion-related headlines, it's easy to overlook other models that are just as talented and experienced, and stand out for being unique. While you may not have known it until now, He is a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show veteran, a Vogue magazine spread regular, and one of few Chinese models opening runway shows and representing makeup brands. And on top of that, she has some killer street style. Whether she's at the airport, exiting a runway show, or even just sight-seeing, He's girly, chic style with a trendy-twist is seriously lust-worthy and full of inspiration for any fashionista looking for a unique dose of model-style.

So, courtesy of Sui He's flawless Instagram account (worth a follow, if you don't already), here are 13 of her street style ensembles to copy right now.

1. Monochromatic Athleisure

When it comes to winter style, there's nothing easier than throwing on some gray, basic pieces and calling it a day. And putting in an athletic element, like He's orange and navy sneakers, gives the look a trendy update.

2. Statement-Making Boots

Boots are a wardrobe staple. So if you're looking to add a pair to your arsenal, opt for ones with a fun quality like He's fringed version. Pair them with something more casual and you have a perfect ensemble for a chilly evening.

3. Unexpected Combinations

Wearing shorts, a pull-over sweater, and over-the-knee boots isn't your everyday outfit combination. But He's casual yet girly style makes it work. See what pieces you can pair in your closet to make an equally chic and unexpected combo following her example.

4. All-Black Errything

If there's any outfit that every model has down pat, it's the traveling ensemble. And don't worry, He's version does not disappoint. Her all-black, biker chic ensemble is perfect for flying in style.

5. Matchy-Matchy

Who says you can match your top to your bag? It's no faux pas at all when it looks this good. Double up on your favorite color by following He's suit and going matchy-matchy with your outfit.

6. Playing With Volume

He's voluminous coat and extra skinny jeans make for a visually interesting ensemble.

7. Oversized Statement Pieces

Because when it's cold outside, warm weather accessories are your best friend. Take a page out of He's book and opt for oversized jackets and scarves to not only keep warm, but also make a style statement.

8. Accessories Are Key

This outfit would be rather bland if it weren't for He's cute hat and adorable rubber booties to give it an extra dose of style. Even if they are black and blend in with her clothes, they add extra personality and make her stand out.

9. All-White Ensemble

Fuzzy sweater? Check. Winter whites? Check. Coffee at hand? Check, check, check! This outfit is perfect for last-minute shopping and prepping for New Year's Eve plans.

10. Reliable Basics

Everyone can appreciate the utility and style of an oversized cardigan, including He. You can make yours original by rocking your favorite accessories like He did with booties and a cross body bag.

11. Interesting Designs

Not everyone can pull off a torn, ripping fabric trench coat. But let He be your inspiration to do just that! While it's easy to rely on safe basics, opt for interesting designs, whether it's destroyed fabric or even tie-dye patterns. Don't be afraid to step out of your style comfort zone. Because as He proves, sometimes the reward is worth it.

12. Menswear Chic

And on that same note, don't be afraid to borrow looks from the boys either. Even He's girly, glam style perfectly translates to more masculine designs like this oversized, ankle-length coat.

13. Asymmetrical Patterns

There's no easier way to make an outfit more visually-interesting than with asymmetrical designs and patterns. He's poncho is not only a trendy piece to keep warm, but also adds a cool element to her otherwise basic ensemble.

Yup, it's official. Sui He is my new favorite style icon. Excuse me while I try out all of these outfits for myself!

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