18 Ways To Rock The Ultimate '90s Throwback Day

Do you ever wish you could just toss all of the anxiety and responsibility yoking you today and go back to a simpler time? Me too, friend, me too — which is why I've compiled a quick and easy list of 18 ways to have the ultimate '90s throwback day. After all, if you're going to re-live a carefree time in your past, there can be no better decade than the '90s. Amirite, or amirite?

It's not that the '90s were without problems. In hindsight, it was full of 'em. But there was something so delightfully "devil may care" about those days that's hard to pinpoint. Did we worry less? Did we make more time for fun? Our proclivity for potentially dangerous toys and nonsensical hobbies seems to suggest so. Perhaps the allure of the '90s was simply that that was then and this is now. The grass is always greener, eh?

Either way, you have to admit that living in the '90s was to live in the moment — and we could all use more of that. So here are 18 ways to carpe the diem, '90s style.

1. Kick Your Day Off With A Bowl Of Reese's Puffs For Breakfast

There's nothing like a bowl of peanut-butter-and-chocolate-filled goodness to kick your morning off in high gear and remind you of yesteryear.

2. Wash Your Face With Noxema

Go ahead — slough the cynicism of the 2000s off to reveal the squeaky clean, Rebecca Gayheart-like glow of your inner '90s optimist.

3. Three-Way Call Your Best Friends

How else will you coordinate your outfits and plan any after school, er, work activities? Duh! Believe it or not, this technology does still exist. You probably know it best now as the "conference call."

4. Dust Off Your Denim And Scrunchies

C'mon, let's not pretend we all don't have at least one scrunchie buried in our bathroom vanity. And bonus points if the denim you dig up is acid-wash or extra flared.

5. Spend Some QT With Your Favorite Baby-Sitter's Club Book

Mallory & The Mystery Diary? Stacey's Emergency? There are so many solid choices here. And if manage to get your hands on the board game, you'll basically be winning at life.

6. Cue Up A Killer Mix CD

If you can't unearth a blank CD to save your life, do the next best thing: Turn to modern technology to rock out to your old favorites. Pandora's "The '90s Radio" station will play enough Matchbox 20 to make your ears melt.

7. Jot Down A To-Do List With Milky Pens

You've got places to go and people to see, so naturally you're going to need to scribble your agenda to keep you on track. Keep it real (-ly '90s) by breaking out some Milky Pens and — if you can find it — that super cool black scrapbook paper.

8. Heat Up Hot Pockets Or Bagel Bites For Lunch

To be truly authentic, don't let them cool completely before taking the first bite so you can relieve the unique sensation of scalding the roof of your mouth with molten lava cheese and artificial flavors.

9. Catch Dysentery And Die On The Oregon Trail

Circa '90s you may have died (multiple times) playing Oregon Trail, but the game itself lives on — you can drown trying to ford the river or by catching dysentery all over again thanks to The Internet Archive's collection of digital content and games.

10. Ditch Your Purse For An Old Canvas Backpack

After spending a day with your trusty Jansport or L.L. Bean monogrammed backpack slung over your shoulder, you may question adulting altogether (why don't purses have more handy little compartments?).

11. Waste A Few Hours Watching Saved By The Bell Reruns

Ahh, nothing says nostalgia like transporting yourself back to Bayside High and your abiding love for Zack Morris and A.C. Slater. Swoon.

12. Paint Your Nails Black

Like Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Or Carson Daly, at during his '90s TRL days. Of course, to nail the latter's look, you'll have to inexplicably only paint the pinky and ring fingers. 'Cause that was provocative.

13. Use A Fortune Teller To Make Big Decisions

Trying to decide where to meet your bestie for coffee? Want to know if you should ask your boss for a raise? Scribble those important life choices into an intricately folded fortune teller and figure things out the old fashioned way.

14. Log In To AIM

Waste no time crafting a ridiculously over-the-top screen name and sending all of your friends roses @>—-,—-.

15. Convince A Friend To Go A Round Of Dream Phone With You

Have you played Dream Phone since the '90s? It's hilarious, you guys. Best enjoyed in conjunction with copious amounts of wine, close friends, and a Britney Spears album playing softly in the background.

16. Pepper All Convos With "Rad" And "As If"

This is basically the day to bring back all the '90s slang you spend the rest of the year trying to pretend you don't actually already say on the regular.

17. Document Everything With A Polaroid

If the classic Polaroid camera you once had has gone the way of your favorite choker, download a Polaroid app on your phone for capturing all of your '90s day fun.

18. For Dessert? Dunkaroos Dip!

While it's true you probably don't want to ingest the vintage Dunkaroos for sale on the interwebs, you can create a healthier version of this beloved treat.

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