The Kardashians Predict Your Valentine's Plans

Asking someone which political candidate they're rooting for is bound to get heated. People have such strong opinions, whether they're a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. I'd much rather avoid that convo entirely and focus on another way to learn more about someone. This is my go-to personality question: Who's your favorite Kardashian? Of course, this encompasses the Jenner bunch too. Given the fact that these siblings have such distinct personas, who fans gravitate toward says a lot about them.

The more outspoken, funny individuals probably favor Khloé. Meanwhile, the most fashion-focused would pick Kendall. Then of course, there's Kim, who tends to be the center of attention. Let's not forget about Kylie — who's constantly switching up her look. There's also Kourtney, who's blunt yet nurturing at the same time. Kris is the glue holding the family together, always keeping the bunch on track. And let's not forget about Rob, who more so keeps to himself.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's fun to imagine what your favorite Kardashian-Jenner says in terms of your love life. The reality TV family can help predict your V-Day plans (even if they involve staying in and ordering Chinese). If you're stuck and don't know which family member to choose, feel free to consult this handy Kardashian-Jenner family tree — it's the perfect way to refresh your memory.

Kim Kardashian

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If you're a Kim K person, chances are you have high expectations this V-Day. She's a hopeless romantic, so you may be too. Although you're not expecting your significant other to pull a complete Kanye and rent out an entire baseball stadium filled with a string orchestra, you do have your hopes set pretty high. Whether that's a candlelit dinner or moonlit walk on the beach, you better be getting an entire wall of flowers too.

Kourtney Kardashian

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Although no one knows what's currently going on with Kourtney and Scott Disick, even when they were together, she was an independent woman. Considering her Friday night plans tend to include snuggling up in matching PJs with her three kids, your Valentine's Day is looking pretty similar if you're a Kourtney fan. You'd much rather avoid the holiday cheesiness and curl up in bed with Netflix and snacks.

Khloé Kardashian

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Considering Khloé hosts an entire show about cocktails (sorry, I mean "kocktails"), you're looking forward to a boozy Valentine's Day. Whether that's sipping rosé at a bar or designing your own signature drinks, there's definitely some alcohol in the equation. Basically, you just want to let loose and celebrate — whether that's with your partner or your BFFs.

Kendall Jenner

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Amongst all the sisters, Kendall is arguably the most shy. When it comes to her relationships (or rumored ones anyway), she's all about the romantic getaway. Remember that St. Barths trip with Harry Styles? OK, so a yacht may be out of your price range but if you're a Kendall fan, your Valentine's attitude is adventurous. Maybe that means going rock-climbing or finding the nearest jacuzzi.

Kylie Jenner

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Even if you have a significant other, there's no way you're not spending Valentine's Day with your gigantic group of friends too. The youngest Jenner is easily the most outgoing. If you're like her, you'll get together a bunch of pals, eat some froyo, and document the entire experience on your Snapchat story. Who knows, maybe you'll even do something spontaneous like get a new tattoo.

Rob Kardashian

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Let's not forget about the one guy in the Kardashian group — Rob. If he's your favorite, you're probably a very chill and low-key person. Your Valentine's Day plans may involve hanging out with that special someone, but not making a big fuss about it. You do love a grand romantic gesture though — like driving cross-country for your bae or getting a giant tattoo of your loved one's name. So don't rule something like that out of the equation.

Kris Jenner

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If you're a Kris Jenner aficionado, you probably have a type-A personality. You've had Feb. 14 marked on your calendar for months, along with having an outlined agenda of how the day is going to go. Perhaps you even went ahead and sent yourself flowers, because that special someone may forget — and you couldn't risk that. Regardless of what you have planned, you know it will go flawlessly, because you made sure of it.

North West

Do you relate to North on a spiritual level? Then this means you're going to have the best Valentine's Day ever. You're not concerned about finding your soulmate. You're just trying to eat candy, dance a little bit, and kick some soccer balls. Because it's your life, your rules. Plus, you know the real holiday is Feb. 15, when all the candy is on sale for half-off.

I don't know about you guys, but I totally aspire to have a North West style Valentine's Day. That toddler has her priorities in order.