12 Reasons Everybody's New Year's Resolution Should Be To Be More Like North West

Earlier this month, Kimye's second child was born. Saint West graced the world with his presence and automatically became the center of attention. But before you start feeling bad for his big sister North West, she's actually doing alright for herself. While mom Kim Kardashian had an eventful 2015, I'd say the same for her daughter Nori. In fact, I think society would be a much better place if everybody acted more like North in the year ahead.

Not only did North conquer her fear of Santa Claus, but she became a mini fashion icon. Honestly, would you expect anything less from Kanye West's daughter? She's obviously following in her dad's footsteps — quite literally, since she rocks Yeezy Boosts. Plus, she seems to be really great at getting along with others. While some toddlers are self-centered, she's always being such a pal to cousin Penelope Disick. Whether attending ballet or hanging with mermaids, the two are inseparable.

Here's a list of reasons that your New Year's resolution should be to channel your inner North in 2016. Trust me, it may sound silly to act more like a 2-year-old, but don't let her age fool you! She's an awesome mini role model.

1. She Stands Up For Herself

North made headlines when she yelled at paparazzi. "I said no pictures," she demanded. This is great, considering it's unfair (not to mention creepy) to snap so many photos of a small child.

2. She's Stylish

Just look at that fur, feathery coat!

3. She Pursues Her Passions

Whether practicing ballet or playing piano, she's a talented little lady.

4. She Tries New Things

This year, North took up soccer. She already seems like a mini Mia Hamm.

5. She's Tech Savvy

Remember when Kim claimed that North posted this throwback photo from her Twitter account? She also purchased in-app downloads that caused dad Kanye to not be too happy. It's never a bad idea to brush up on your tech skills.

6. She Embraces Her Emotions

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure, crying at the Alexander Wang show wasn't the most mature move, but sometimes you just need to let out your emotions. Crying is a natural part of life.

7. She Eats Candy Whenever She Wants

Sounds like a dream to me! Everybody should treat themselves once in awhile.

8. She Doesn't Care What People Think

North makes silly faces and doesn't care. She also dresses however she wants, despite mom Kim's protests. She's a unique individual and totally embraces it.

9. But She Does Care For Other People

Whether brushing her My Little Pony's fur or looking out for cousin P, she's a considerate little kid.

10. She's A Natural Leader

As seen in this photo, she takes charge and isn't afraid to lead the way for others. That's an admirable trait.

11. She's Adventurous

North doesn't say no to a road trip or any other adventures that life throws her way.

12. She Knows The Power Of Naps

Everybody deserves a break once in awhile and naps are a total game changer. Don't forget to take time to rest up in the year ahead.

So there you have it — plenty of reasons that Kimye's daughter should be your 2016 role model. Personally, my new mantra will be "WWND?" (What would North do?)