AHS' S6 Theories About Who Lady Gaga Will Play

It's the million dollar question: What will Season 6 of American Horror Story be about? Rumors have abounded ever since Season 5's Hotel closed its doors in mid-January, coming from a variety of sources. Fans have long clamored for a Summer Camp season, cast member Evan Peters has gone to bat for an Outer Space theme, and even "anonymous sources" have claimed to know that the upcoming season will focus on Slender Man. (Not true, sadly.) But while we're all swapping rumors about the plot of Season 6, there's still the small question of who will even be in it. Hotel star Lady Gaga made waves in her first season of AHS — even winning a Golden Globe for her performance as the vampiric Countess — but there has been no official word yet on her return. Will Lady Gaga be in AHS Season 6? If so, who will she play?

I'm sorry to report that there has been no "official" announcement either way as to Gaga's involvement in the next iteration of FX's anthology series. However, that doesn't mean there aren't rumors… So far, the only cast member that is 100% officially confirmed for Season 6 is Angela Bassett, who personally announced her participation in the upcoming season during an interview with Larry King just last week. But creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed via Twitter in October, the day before Hotel even premiered, that he had already asked Gaga back for Season 6:

Although Gaga didn't broadcast her response in a tweet, we can pretty much infer what she said to Murphy based on Bassett's recent comments while doing press for her upcoming action movie London Has Fallen. In regards to her Golden Globe-winning co-star, the actress told Entertainment Weekly (while winking unsubtly at the camera), "I hear… I thinkperhaps she's about to return."

So while we wait for official word on Gaga's casting, why don't we take a moment to start some rumors of our own? Here are just a handful of ideas for the character that Gaga might play if (read: when) she signs on to AHS Season 6:

A Mother Monster

One popular theory surrounding AHS Season 6 is that it will take place at the Thatcher School, the real life institution mentioned twice in the Hotel finale as both Will Drake's son Lachlan and John Lowe's daughter Scarlett were shipped off to the boarding school. Could next season take place at the school, a haven for the children of ghosts, serial killers, and the like? If so, it isn't hard to imagine Gaga as the headmistress who lovingly takes them all under her wing and protects them from the outside world.

A "Big Easy" Beauty

Two seasons of AHS have taken place in Los Angeles, so why not two seasons based in New Orleans? Season 6 could return to the location of Season 3's Coven — a buzzy piece of synchronicity between Murphy's two FX shows, since Season 2 of American Crime Story has already been revealed to take place in the Big Easy post-Hurricane Katrina. If this happened, Gaga could slip into the role of a bluesy chanteuse who frequents the dimly-lit jazz clubs of the city… when she's not getting up to supernatural hijinks, of course.

A Sexy Werewolf

Ghosts, aliens, witches, zombies… Now that Hotel has officially added vampires to the rank of legendary monsters that AHS has introduced into its world, pretty much the only horror staple the show hasn't tackled are lycanthropes. Of course, this is a Ryan Murphy production we're talking about, so these werewolves would have to be less hairy and more of the sexy variety. Imagine it as a season-long riff on the fake Werewolf Women Of The S.S. trailer presented during the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grindhouse.

A Futuristic Game Show Host

When Lady Gaga showed up to sing (correction: slay) the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50, she did so in fantastically flashy fashion, appearing for all the world like she had stopped by Levi's Stadium on her way to co-host the 77th annual Hunger Games alongside Caesar Flickerman. So far, every season of AHS has taken place either in the present or in the past. What about a season that takes place in the future, complete with a Hunger Games/Battle Royale/Running Man/Death Race-like brutal reality competition lorded over by Gaga's flamboyant presenter?

A Star (Wo)man

After delivering a moving tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga went on record as saying that basically her entire career so far has been one big tribute to the dearly departed glam rock icon. So why not combine Gaga's inspiration with Evan Peters' dearest wish for the show? Perhaps American Horror Story: Outer Space is actually closer to happening than we all think, with Gaga set to lead the ensemble as an eclectic star-woman with pipes of gold and an outré sense of fashion. Hey, weirder things have happened in Ryan Murphy shows, right?

Whatever Season 6 of AHS is about — and whoever Lady Gaga plays — it will likely premiere sometime in October of this year… so we still have over seven full months left to spread rumors, theorize, and eagerly anticipated whatever Murphy and Gaga are cooking up for us next.

Images: Doug Hyun/FX; Giphy.com (5)