I Recreated 7 'Full House' Hairstyles & This Is What Happened

As a huge fan of the '90s and in honor of Fuller House, I was recently inspired to recreate seven infamous hairstyles from the original Full House. Well, I at least tried to recreate seven infamous hairstyles from the original Full House. After trying the styles on myself, I can only hope the hair stylist for the show was paid enough — both in dollars and bottles of hairspray.

Although the cast has updated their 'dos to 2016 styles for the Fuller House series, their feathered bangs, teased out curls, and apparently endless collections of scrunchies remain iconic for the majority of people who grew up in the the '90s. I have fine, straight hair that doesn't like to do much besides be fine and straight, so I knew recreating DJ's out-of-this-world curls and Stephanie's voluminous side ponytails might be a bit of a challenge. But I was up for it.

So, I grabbed the one scrunchie likely left in the world, a crimper, and a bottle of hairspray and watched full episodes of Full House as I recreated all of the main character's staple hairstyles. Spoiler Alert: I nailed Kimmy's hairstyles. And I'm not sure what that says about me as a person.


Though this looks like the easiest hairstyle to recreate, you have to understand that my flat, fine and thin hair does not hold curl. Luckily, I found an old crimper deep in the back of my bathroom cabinet. Sometimes being a packrat pays off.

I am definitely going to continue to curl my hair with a crimper. It created loose curls that I have been searching for months. I was feeling pretty confident after Becky — but don't worry, things started to go downhill quick.

Michelle Part I

My favorite part of recreating Michelle's hairstyles — which honestly stayed the same from when she was born to when she started junior high in the show — is how easy they were. All it took was a little bit of curl and some scrunchies! Unfortunately... I only had one scrunchie, but I compromised with a bow, which I assume Michelle would have approved of.

Michelle Part II

If this doesn't scream "You got it, dude!" I don't know what does. Aside from my lack of bangs (I tried to create my own using a curling iron. It did not work.) this was the easiest hairstyle to recreate. Likely because this is how my hair turns out at the end of every workday. I loved it. Never lose that pony on top of head perfection, Michelle.


Growing up, I was jealous of DJ's hair in practically every episode. When she wasn't in a high ponytail, her hair looked like she had just run her fingers through it — and then it magically stayed up with perfect volume. She either rocked a high ponytail or looked like she had just ran her fingers through it and it magically stayed like that. I have no doubt hairspray was behind her casual look though, because it took a blow dryer and a lot of hairspray to make my hair stay like this. That skyhigh 'do will likely never be mine.

Kimmy Part 1

Kimmy's hair is a wonder to me. Sometimes it would almost look fine, but in other episodes, she would rock some major volume, like with this totally groovy halfpony. It took the crimper and foraging my fingers through my hair to try and create the curls she is rocking.

I also tried to channel my inner-Kimmy sass. She does it better.

Kimmy Part II

First reaction: Nobody ~actually~ wore headbands back on their head this far. It would have had to fall off the back of her head with every step. Anyway, I think I pulled this one off quite well.


OK but ARE WE NOT TWINS?! I don't know where the side half ponies went in the history of hairstyles, but I demand they come back now. I actually worked a couple of hours with this look and my hair stayed on top of my head and out of my face just fine. Better than with I recreate Michelle's top ponytail.

Will I Add 'Full House' Styles To My Regular 'Do Rotation?

Though I tried hard, I do not have the hairspray, patience, scrunches or volume to recreate DJ's fingers-just-run-through-hair look, Michelle's adorable ponytails, or Stephanie's totally '90s-poofed bangs. And, although it was fun from the privacy of my own home, the attempt made me realize that I truly never would have made it as a tween in the early '90s. My flat hair alone would have sent me running to my sister's classroom and hiding under her desk. But no doubt my tears at school would have ended with dramatic music and a casual extended-family hug at home, just like the OG Full House ended their days, episode after episode.

Images: Hayli Goode (7); ABC (7)