This Coffee Treat Won't Be Around Forever

When it comes to Starbucks, the first thing I think about is their affection for sweet, caffeinated drinks. While I typically take my own coffee black, when I walk by a Starbucks or see someone gripping that signature cup, I immediately start craving something sweet — and the coffee house's latest offering might be exactly what I've been imagining. But when can I get the Starbucks Carmelized Honey Latte? Alas, not for as long as you might hope — but for the limited time that it's around, at least you're free to enjoy it hot, iced, or even as a Frappuccino. Talk about a transitional drink!

According to a press release, Starbucks will release the Carmelized Honey Latte on Tuesday, March 22, after which it will only be available through May 2 or while supplies last. Though I can already predict wanting the drink to stay around forever, the timing does seem perfect: From the sound of it, it's the perfect treat to bridge the gap between the last cool days of winter and the warmth of spring, especially because it's easily customized for temperature. And hey, what better drink to have as your go-to for reacquainting yourself with your neighborhood and shopping for your summer wardrobe than a drink you know will taste good either hot or iced?

So, what's in the Carmelized Honey Latte? There's a base of rich espresso mixed with steamed milk and a honey-caramel sauce that's been kettle-cooked to develop a rich and nuanced flavor. Like other Starbucks drinks, you can also customize the milk (whole, two percent, nonfat, coconut, and soy all steam just fine, so take your pick!), as well as pick whether or not you want whipped cream on top. And yes, there is caffeine! A Tall, 12-ounce Carmelized Honey Latte has about 75 mg of caffeine, with smaller sizes having less and larger ones having more. But you can also order it decaf if, unlike me, you are not heavily reliant on caffeine.

If you're a big Starbucks drinker, you probably already know that the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino is off the market after an all-too-brief five-day period. While you have a little longer to enjoy the Carmelized Honey Latte, I'd order one before time slips away from you.

Images: Starbucks; Giphy