Gabourey Sidibe May Have More 'AHS' In Her

It's only been a little bit more than two months since we said goodbye to another year of American Horror Story when American Horror Story: Hotel aired its final episode in January. But even before we checked out of the Hotel, fans and general Internet lurkers alike have been wondering what the theme of AHS Season 6 will be and who will be starring in it. And of course, with three seasons already under her belt, wondering if Gabourey Sidibe is returning to American Horror Story is taking up most of my time.

Sidibe has appeared in three of the past five seasons of AHS, starring as witch Queenie in Season 3's Coven , Dora Brown's daughter Regina Ross in Season 4's Freak Show , and reprising her role as Queenie with a guest spot in Season 5's Hotel . With so many appearances on AHS, the actress must enjoy being on the series, and co-creator Ryan Murphy must like having her on the show as well. So it seems likely that Sidibe will return for another installment.

Another good sign for the return of Sidibe is that Murphy said that the seasons of the show are only going to become more intertwined as the series goes on. “The deeper we go into the series we will see that it is a definite universe and all of the worlds are connected,” Murphy said during the AHS Paleyfest panel on March 20, as reported by Variety. That means it's possible one of Sidibe's characters from a past season of AHS could return in the upcoming season, as she did in Hotel, even if we thought we might have seen the last of her in a past episode. Hey, if there's one thing we know from watching AHS, it's that no one is ever really gone for good.

Also during that Paleyfest panel, Murphy revealed that all of the AHS actors on the stage with him at the time (Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson) were invited back to the show, though it's unclear if that means they will all return. Lady Gaga, who was not present at the panel, has also been invited back by Murphy and said that she would be returning to AHS next season when she appeared on Z100 New York's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show earlier this month. But that's all we know as far as potential casting for Season 6 of AHS goes, and Sidibe's name hasn't been dropped like those leading actors from Season 5 of AHS have.

However, that certainly doesn't mean Sidibe won't appear on Season 6 of AHS. We didn't know about her guest appearance on Hotel until about three weeks before it happened, after all. So it could be a long time before we know for sure whether or not Sidibe will be in the next season of the series.

Until then, you can catch Sidibe as executive assistant-turned-A&R-exec Becky on Empire, and it looks like she will return as Billy's no-nonsense but fabulous boss Denise on Difficult People when the Hulu comedy returns for Season 2, as a tweet from the show's official Twitter account teases. One thing you can say about Sidibe is that she sure does have range.

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