The Genre To Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Charlotte Ahlin
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The Zodiac. A mysterious cycle of constellations that dictates our moods, potential romantic partners, and ideal book recommendations. You might love the Zodiac, or you might scoff at astrology in general, but either way, you might as well check out which genre to read based on your Zodiac sign.

Book genres, like Zodiac signs, cause a lot of split opinions. Some people swear by their favorite genre. They like to read horror, or romance, or YA dystopian novels with a strong female lead, and that's that. Other people argue that dividing books up into genres is unfair, because it creates a false hierarchy. And that's kind of true: Romance novels are considered "trashy"; thrillers are "airport books"; and every piece of literature written by a non-white person is talked about as "magical realism." As Kurt Vonnegut once said, regarding genre: "I have been a soreheaded occupant of a file drawer labeled 'science fiction' ever since, and I would like out, particularly since so many serious critics regularly mistake the drawer for a urinal."

So are genre divisions kind of made-up and pointless? Yes. Is astrology just pseudoscience? Of course. But is it still fun to act like both of those things matter and define us as individuals? You bet. So here's the one book genre that you should read, based on your astrological sign:

1. Aries: Action/Adventure

Sword fights. Wizard fights. Katniss Everdeen outrunning some kind of genetically-enhanced monster. Aries lives for those big, pulse-pounding adventures. Preferably a book where a scrappy orphan girl disguises herself as a boy and has a pet dog. As an Aries, you need a book that can match your ferocity and your boundless energy. Exciting, larger-than-life books that chronicle daring adventures are the books for you. If every chapter has at least one close call with death and/or being stabbed, even better.

2. Taurus: Classics

You're a patient, stable (and kind of stubborn) sign, Taurus. You have the patience to tackle the classics that other people might consider old and dusty. But you love a book with a good old-fashioned romance, windswept moors, and sumptuous costumes. There's a reason that Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice are still around so many years later (and you're going to keep rereading them until you find your own Darcy or slightly less intense Heathcliff).

3. Gemini: Science Fiction

Science fiction is a pretty nebulous genre. On the one hand, it's full of intense space battles and Kurt Vonnegut's cynicism and grim metaphors for the human condition. On the other hand, it's full of goofy aliens and adorable robots hanging around in space taverns. Just like Gemini, science fiction is wildly changeable and can't be put in a box. It contains multitudes. And it, like Gemini, has a great capacity to be really weird.

4. Cancer: Memoir

Cancer is the sensitive sign of the Zodiac. And memoirs are full of feelings. It's a natural match. I'm not saying that all Cancers like to cry for fun, but most Cancers do enjoy an emotional thrill ride (ideally paired with wine and read in the bathtub). As a Cancer, you love to step into someone else's mind. Far-off worlds are fine but you find it just as interesting to dive into one writer's psyche and explore what makes them tick.

5. Leo: High Fantasy

Leos probably identify with all those "chosen ones." You're a sucker for a big story full of kings, armies, and boy wizards. You can dig a grand war against the forces of evil. You can also dig the complex political intrigue of Westeros. And you've always been a faithful Potterhead. As a creative, passionate sign, as well as a natural-born leader, high fantasy is just grandiose enough for you.

6. Virgo: Historical Fiction

I've got your number, Virgo. You may act like you're a normal Classics kid like Taurus, but we both know that you're secretly excited about the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie. You seem organized and shy, but deep down you're all about broad-chested Scotsmen and women in Edwardian dresses making out in the rain. Historical fiction appeals to your analytical, factual, detail-oriented side... as well as your secret love of beautiful people in fancy clothes kissing.

7. Libra: Literary Fiction

You're all about balance, Libra. So you probably enjoy your fair share of sci-fi and fantasy. But you also love a juicy novel about normal people living their normal, fictional lives. You're a thoughtful reader, who prefers complicated inter-personal relationships to crazy violence or explosions (or rather, you like a balanced amount of explosions). You love beautiful writing about people who seem real.

8. Scorpio: Mystery/Thriller

Scorpio is a mysterious sign. You're passionate and loyal, but also secretive and selective with your trust. Above all, you're intense. And you're the perfect reader for all manner of mysteries, thrillers, and psychological horrors (you've considered Gone Girl-ing yourself before). You like a story that drives you forward. If the main character is a twisted figure of dubious morals, that's OK, as long as the mystery is full of twists and hairpin turns.

9. Sagittarius: Humor

Humor. Satire. Comedy memoirs. Amusing travelogues. Absurdist sci-fi. Collections of comic strips. Sagittarians love to laugh, and as a Sagittarius, you need a book with a good sense of humor. If it can make you think, too, even better! You appreciate a well-penned joke, but your very favorite thing is philosophically-minded humor. Your favorite books are as smart and funny as you are (but slightly less fun at parties).

10. Capricorn: Nonfiction

There's just something about a well-written, true story that makes it that much better. You can enjoy fiction like anyone else, Capricorn, but you tend to be a more serious, focused sign. Fluffy fantasy nonsense is all well and good, but occasionally you need something with more of a bite. You like to learn from your favorite books. You read Wikipedia pages for fun, and you're all about intense, investigative journalism.

11. Aquarius: Meta-Fiction

You're on your own planet, Aquarius. You're a progressive, independent thinker, and you enjoy books that other people might consider "weird." Absurd writing, experimental writing, and meta-fiction just make sense to you. You enjoy when author's break the so-called fourth wall. For you, a good book is one that introduces you to wholly new ideas and blurs the line between reality and fiction.

12. Pisces: Magical Realism

"Magical realism" can be a controversial term. But for you, Pisces, I mean fabulist writing: stories with one foot in our world, and one in another. They're not quite high fantasy, but nor are they ordinary, realistic fiction. The world is the real world, but it's populated with secret underground kingdoms and thunderstorms of flowers. Pisces is a dreamy sign with a wild imagination: you're already living in a slightly fantastical world, and you need a book that understands you.

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