17 Fun Household Accessories To Add A Little Quirkiness To Your Space

Everyone's tastes are different and when it comes to interiors, your abode should show off your character and style too. There are many routes to take when it comes to interior design, from elegant luxe, to country chic, or eclectic interiors that are set off with eccentric home accessories. With the resurgence of the 1990s fashion trend, you could argue that our love affair for '90s novelty has spilled over into our homes. Many of us millennials are full blown adults now – even though we may or may not feel like it – and sometimes we need a break from adulting and to be reminded that we are still allowed to have fun.

If you're in love with novelty fashion, like googly-eyed accessories or the incredible Portable Pizza Pouch, it may be time to think about your home. Sure, you probably don't live alone in a mansion, but there's no excuse for not living in an environment of your design that reflects your personality. If your partner, roommates, or family members are on the same wave length as you, they may enjoy the addition of novelty home accessories, but if not, you can always decorate your personal space to suit your style.

So if you can't get enough of the '90s, you miss the U.K. game show Fun House, or you want to smile at the end of a hard day, here's a bunch of novelty household accessories to inject some fun into your home.

1. The Build-A-Burger Coasters

Burger Coasters, $34.94, etsy.com

Foodies and caffeine addicts alike are sure to love these comedic, burger themed coasters.

2. The Hatching Dinosaur Candle

Hatching Dinosaur Candle, $42.49, firebox.com

In need of some ambience on a nerdy date? Impress Ross Geller types with a dinosaur egg candle.

3. The Homebody Tapestry

Stay Home Text Tapestry, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

Home is where the heart is, so if you love cozying up at home (or you can't afford to go out) hang this hip tapestry up to remind you to catch up on your downtime.

4. The Balloon Dog Light

Balloon Dog Light, $21.29, firebox.com

Light up your life metaphorically and physically with a quirky balloon dog light.

5. The Animal Ass Magnets

Animal Butt Magnets, $18.39, firebox.com

Make your grocery lists way more interesting with the addition of some hilarious animal butts.

6. The Cassette Tape Desk Organizer

Rewind Desk Organizer, $30, urbanoutfitters.com

Bring a little nostalgia to your home office with a cassette tape desk tidy, complete with tape dispenser.

7. The Pink Giraffe

Talking Tables Fluorescent Resin Giraffe Ornament, $16.50, asos.com

Hosting a house party? You'll have no need to worry about awkward silences when you've got a seemingly random, neon pink giraffe in the center of your dining table!

8. The Fluffy Robot Cleaning Ball

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball, $35.39, firebox.com

This awesome robot cleaning ball is a totally functional dream for those who hate housework.

9. The Bunny Kitchen Roll Holder

Bunny & Carrot, $60, store.alessi.com

If you love cute bunnies, you'll adore this carrot and bunny kitchen roll holder.

10. The Watermelon Dispenser

New Look Watermelon 5 Litre Water Dispenser, $16.50, asos.com

Stay hydrated with this fabulously fruity watermelon themed water dispenser.

11. The Indoor Allotment

Indoor Allotment, $35.39, firebox.com

Can't afford an apartment with a garden? Invest in an indoor garden space to grow your own herbs.

12. The Movie Theater Light

Cinema Box LED Light, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

Not only is this light super fun, but it's practical too. Leave important messages – or jokes – for yourself or folks you live with.

13. The Pug Salt & Pepper Shakers

Pug Dog Salt And Pepper Shaker, $28, etsy.com

Pug fans are sure to howl with laughter when using these cutesy pooch salt and pepper shakers.

14. The Awesome Jewelry Dish

Sass & Belle You Are Awesome Jewelry Dish, $8.50, asos.com

Give yourself, or someone else, a daily pick-me-up with this rad jewelry dish that oozes positive vibes.

15. The Cool Cardboard Stools

The Incredible Cardboard Stools, $28.39, firebox.com

When you have guests coming over, emergency seating is a must. Choose your favorite flat-packed cardboard stool design (which can hold up to 200kg) ranging from pizza boxes, to a stack of vinyl, and more!

16. The Tiny Trashcan

Bino Oscar Trash Can, $24, urbanoutfitters.com

A miniature version of something automatically makes it cool. Plus this teeny trashcan has a major Oscar the Grouch aura.

17. The Glowing Toilet Light

Illumibowl, $28.39, firebox.com

There's no need to fret about going to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you've got a motion activated light for your loo! It comes with nine color options so you can have it set to your favorite shade or turn your toilet into the birth place of rainbows.

Your home can be as exciting as you are with these novelty home accessories!

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