You NEED To See Beyoncé As A Powerpuff Girl

Amidst all of the hype about Lemonade, Cartoon Network decided to join the Beyhive bandwagon. In response to the "Formation" singer's visual album and HBO special on Saturday night, the TV station's Twitter account turned Beyoncé into a Powerpuff Girl, and in doing so, created the superhero you never knew you needed. Honestly, she'd totally fit right in with Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup — and not just because all of their names start with the letter "B."

The little cartoon is wearing a Houston jersey (her hometown, of course) and holding a microphone. Her legs are inexplicably sparkling, but that doesn't seem out of the ordinary for a megastar like Bey. If she did join the Powerpuff Girls, she'd help fight crime with her singing voice. Her powerful lyrics would just hit her opponents in the heart and cause them to cave. Is this a little drastic? Perhaps, but she truly has a way with words.

I must say, out of all the celebs I've seen transformed using the Powerpuff Yourself website, this may be the best one yet. I'm genuinely impressed, especially with the hair. No one has tresses quite like Sasha Fierce. Props to Cartoon Network for managing to bring Bey's persona to life in Powerpuff form. It's the perfect way to celebrate Lemonade .

Since this is absolutely adorable, I felt inspired to create the rest of Destiny's Child as Powerpuff Girls. Because if Beyoncé is fighting crime, she needs the rest of her crew to have her back.

Without further ado, here's Kelly Rowland as a PPG. I gave her a boombox, which obviously would be playing classic DC hits like "Survivor" and "Bootylicious."

Meanwhile, I also gave Michelle Williams the Powerpuff treatment. Just like the rest of her superhero squad, Michelle looks super fierce and ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

I know what you may be thinking right now: What about Blue Ivy?! Don't worry, I couldn't resist turning Bey's mini me into a Powerpuff Girl too. She'd be like the secret weapon, who can just fight crime by being so cute that any opponents, like that Mojo Jojo monkey, would stop in their tracks.

Can Cartoon Network please do the world a favor and make the Destiny's Child edition of Powerpuff Girls happen? I'd watch every episode in a heartbeat.

Images: Powerpuff Yourself