11 Weird Things Every Book-Lover Has Done

by Amy Sachs

We all know the joys of reading a really great book. Getting lost in it for hours, connecting with new characters, and leaving the stress of your own life behind: all amazing feelings. But, you also know that when you're a true book-lover, you can develop some strange reading-related habits. Like, you know that you can never have too many books. They're slowly taking over your room and apartment, but it's still fine, you're always up for a trip to the bookstore or library. You also know it's completely normal to smell books, Rory Gilmore taught us that. And, you know exactly what a book hangover is... but not how to cure one, because it sometimes feels impossible.

From making excuses to read more books to gushing about your latest and greatest read to anyone who will listen, there's no doubt that readers have some quirky habits. I've definitely been guilty of craning my neck to see what the person next to me is reading on the train in the morning, I can't help it! Whether you're guilty of these things yourself, or you have a bookworm in your life who has canceled on you one time too many to stay in and read, here are 11 weird things every book-lover has done at least once.

1. Craned Your Neck To See What A Stranger Was Reading

On the train, or the bus, or any other form of public reading, we've all leaned too far over trying to see what the person next to us was reading.

2. Spent Money You Didn't Have On Books

You're not quite sure how, but your budget always goes right out the window whenever a bookstore comes into view. Every. Time.

3. Canceled Plans To Finish A Book

You can admit it; we've all done it.

4. Mentally Sorted Fictional Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

It's honestly just a habit at this point. I've sorted the cast of Friends, and read books based on a Hogwarts house. It's a part of life.

5. Smelled Books

Rory Gilmore speaks for all of us on this one.

6. Stressed Over Which Books To Bring On Vacation

Vacations themselves are super relaxing — plus, so much free reading time! It's the time that it takes to plan how many books, and then which ones? What if you run out, or pack something you end up not liking? The possibilities are endless.

7. Taken It Personally When Someone Doesn't Like To Read

How is it possible!?

8. Started A Book Right Before Bed

Even though you know the consequences, and sleep will never happen.

9. Skipped To The End Of The Book, "Just To See"

...And seeing something that ruins everything. As if you didn't know that would happen.

10. Felt Hungover After Finishing A Great Book

A truly great book is impossible to follow up, and leaves you feeling empty inside after it's done because, now what?

11. Complained That Your Bag Was Too Heavy, But Knowing Exactly Why

You have Hermione's portable library in your very Muggle-sized bag. It's a harsh world.

Image: fictiontea/Instagram; Giphy