13 Sunglasses For Modern Day Femme Fatales

Although not everybody wants to become a femme fatale, a lot of us love channeling the aesthetic through retro sunglasses. These vampy vixens are known for getting themselves (and others) in more than a little trouble, usually leaving a trail of broken hearts in their wake. They use tropes of attraction, seduction, and beauty to their advantage — literally weaponizing femininity and compromising the men who cross their paths.

Although it's true that femme fatales arguably have some character flaws, you may not want to give up on them yet. I mean, have you ever come across a badly-styled femme fatale in literature or film? Nope, that's because they don't exist in the past nor the present. The glam gals are always impeccably dressed while appearing to relish in keeping up appearances.

Not only do they always look presentable, but they have an air of mystery surrounding them as well — creating an addictive, unobtainable aura. In addition, femme fatales are strong, independent ladies who know what they want and know how to get it. They don't take no for an answer and they don't feel the need to explain themselves to anyone.

So if you want to unleash your inner femme fatale, here are some seductive sunglasses to help you look like the leading lady in a modern day film noir.

1. The Classic Cat Eye

Kitti Sunglasses In Noir, $44.99,

What could be more intriguing than a gal hiding behind a pair of big, black, chic sunglasses?

2. The Round Sunglasses

Psychedelic Your Wounds Round Shades — Black, $20,

Not all femme fatales flaunt harsh lines, so soften your edges with a pair of round shades. You can keep your tongue sharp instead.

3. The Traditional Tortoise Shell Shades

Tortoise Shell Square Frame Sunglasses Brown, $17,

Make a nod to a bygone era with these square-shaped, tortoise shell sunglasses that will look fabulous with anything.

4. The Heartbreaker Sunnies

AJ Morgan Heart Sunglasses In Black And Gold, $19.50,

Heart-shaped sunglasses take a sophisticated turn in the form of these stylish sunnies. Even though your heart may be filled with sunshine and rainbows, you can pretend to be a badass in these black heart sunglasses.

5. The Cool Cutout Style

Cutout Cat Eye Sunglasses, $9.90,

The classic cat eye style gets a contemporary upgrade in the form of this cutout pair.

6. The Celebrity Sunglasses

Liz Sunglasses, $189,

Are you a local celeb? Perhaps you're Insta-famous? Even if you're totally unknown, act like you're somebody everyone should have heard of by hiding behind these big shades.

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7. The Crystal Sunnies

Fendi Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Cat-Eye Acetate And Metal Sunglasses, $495,

Only the best will do for a femme fatale and these crystal-embellished sunglasses are the perfect match.

8. The Winged Glasses

Jeepers Peepers Novelty Bird Cat Eye Sunglasses, $39,

Being a daring gal, you'll easily be able to get away with these flamboyant sunglasses.

9. The Cool Cat Eye Shades

Jeepers Peepers Thick Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses In Mint, $30,

Exude cool in a pair of icy cat eye sunglasses. People will be frozen in place with just one look, or so you would hope.

10. The Rosy Pair

Rose Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, $330,

The life of a modern day femme fatale needn't all be doom and gloom, so give yourself a rosy outlook with these dusky pink sunglasses.

11. The Incognito Oval Pair

Surf Oval Frame Sunglasses, $16,

Go incognito in a pair of unassuming white oval sunglasses to hide the fact that you're up to no good.

12. The Lady In Red Sunnies

Dolce & Gabbana Cat-Eye Gold-Tone And Acetate Sunglasses, $300,

Look every bit a silver screen siren in a pair of scarlet sunglasses.

13. The Pouting Pair

Lip Service Sunglasses, $189,

What could be more fitting for a bad babe than a pair of lip-shaped sunglasses to match your lipstick?

Whether you've got a heart of gold or you're a rebel without a cause, these sultry sunglasses are sure to help you embrace your inner femme fatale.

Images: Courtesy Brands