Black & White Tats For Marvelously Monochrome Ink

Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be someone rocking an innovative new tattoo style or intriguing body modification. If you're someone who wants to express themselves aesthetically, but you're looking for something a little simpler, traditional black and white tattoos with a contemporary twist might be your perfect match.

Like the fashion industry, one cool trend in the ink world is to add some nostalgia to your art. Picking playful and fun tattoos that '90s kids will love — these images often repping many Millennials' favorite cartoon and video game characters — is definitely in vogue. In the same vein, your inner child will likely squeal in delight at colorful Lisa Frank-inspired tattoos that'll make you feel like you just slid down a rainbow. Folks who fancy a literal splash of color may want to join in with the watercolor tattoo trend; and if you're a nature aficionado, you might decide on flaunting a bright and beautiful flower tattoo.

There's a spectrum of colorful tattoos to choose from, but what if you want a good, old-fashioned monochrome one? There's certainly nothing wrong with that, especially considering that white ink tattoos seem to be increasing in popularity. So cater to the minimalist in you and take a peek at these wonderful black and white tattoos.

1. The Black & White Butterflies

Not all butterflies have to be brightly-colored to be beautiful, as shown here by this gorgeous design.

2. The Minimal Hand

This small Hand Of Fatima-inspired design is subtly stunning. Just be cautious of avoiding cultural appropriation in favor of appreciation.

3. The Quirky Car Part

Witty mechanics will love this rather regal yet comedic spark plug tattoo.

4. The Map

Go halves with your friend and pick a BFF tattoo that symbolizes a place you both love. You could choose the same black and white tattoo, or opt for a single color each.

5. The Lovely Lotus

Lotus tattoos are proving popular, particularly among yoga lovers and spiritual folks. So set yourself apart from the crowd with a black and white ink design.

6. The Dotty Design

Tattoos needn't always be realistic. This dot-work one is a great choice for creative people.

7. The Wonderful Wings

Add a touch of whimsy to your life with some ethereal wings. This tattoo was created by Alixandra Bamford and Natasha Smith.

8. The Minimal Mountain Range

This monochrome mountain range, designed by Mafis Fischerová, is sure to take lovers of the great outdoors' breath away.

9. The Pretty Cuff

If you love jewelry and ink, why not merge your two passions together by getting an ornate black and white cuff-style tattoo? You'd be dressed up and ready to rock 24/7.

10. The Harry Potter-Inspired Ink

Harry Potter fans will love this golden snitch-inspired tattoo. It's so simple yet super effective.

11. The Subtle Flamingo

Flamingos are renowned for their pink plumage, so this black and white tattoo really makes a statement. This is a great choice for folks who fancy something a little different.

No matter what design you choose, you're sure to look marvelous while sporting your monochrome ink.

Image: Courtesy alixandraw/Instagram (1)