Is 'Fiddler On The Roof' Still On Netflix? The Classic Musical Deserves Another Look

The Tony Awards are this Sunday, which means, as always, that there is a renewed interest in Broadway musicals — especially this year, with the phenomenon Hamilton expected to clean up at the ceremony. In anticipation for Sunday, many fans are looking to absorb as many musicals as they can in the lead up — without going to Broadway and spending a ton of cash. A lot of classic shows have been turned into movies over the years, and none are more beloved than the 1965 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, Fiddler on the Roof. But is Fiddler on the Roof still on Netflix, where you can watch it again and again?

Viewing the 1971 movie version of the charming story about Jewish life in early 20th Century Russia is a "Tradition" for many people, but unfortunately, Netflix is not currently streaming the film. In fact, there isn't any place online where you can stream Fiddler on the Roof for free. I know, it's terrible. However, that doesn't mean you have to be a rich man (or woman) to stream the film online. It's available to rent at places like iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Google Play for $2.99. That seems like a small fee for such joy, but if you really don't want to spend any amount of money above what you already pay for Netflix, then check out these musicals that are part of the streaming service's library.


i234five on YouTube

This Tony Award winner accomplished the rare feat of bringing back the original cast a decade after its Broadway debut for the film version.


Paramount Movies Digital on YouTube

By the time Grease ended its Broadway run, it was the longest-running musical ever at that time. The movie version is even more iconic, and Netflix also has the new live version that aired on Fox earlier this year.

Shrek The Musical

Fox InternationalROW on YouTube

If you can't make it to Broadway, then why not watch an actual filmed Broadway performance of a Tony Award winner?


Video Detective on YouTube

The names "Rodgers and Hammerstein" are generally a pretty good indicator of a solid musical, and this, their second effort, is one of their best.

The Last Five Years

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Musically-inclined Anna Kendrick stars in this adaptation of the Off-Broadway production that got its start in Chicago.

There's No Business Like Show Business

plainsvideo on YouTube

Perhaps no composer has been more successful in both Broadway and Hollywood than Irving Berlin, and this film, starring Marilyn Monroe, is one of his most enduring achievements.

White Christmas

Paramount Movies on YouTube

Another Berlin effort, don't think that this is just a Christmas movie. The ending is the only Christmasy part of the film, and it makes for an enjoyable viewing any time of year.

High School Musical

DisneyMoviesOnDemand on YouTube

What can I say? It's a modern classic. Oh, and the sequel is on there, too.

So just because Fiddler on the Roof isn't streaming on Netflix, that doesn't mean you can't get your Broadway fix ahead of the Tonys. To life!

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