11 Hair Trends Older Millennials Don’t Understand

Older and younger Millennials can be as different as chalk and cheese, which could arguably be blamed on rapid technological advances from the 1980s into the 2000s. Therefore, along with many other things they might not understand, there are some hair trends young Millennials loved that older Millennials don’t get. So much happened during these years that it was inevitable such divide would arise — like the internet going from being something you could only access on a desktop computer, to being available at any time of day as it crossed over onto handheld devices.

Although there were some fashion and beauty trends that younger Millennials loved that older Millennials could get on board with — like jeggings and poker straight hair — there are others that, no matter how hard they might try, older GenY-ers simply can’t get their heads around.

Much like younger Millennials' seemingly preferred method of communication involving cryptic contemporary emojis, social media apps that allow folks to meet up with someone to have a quickie, and an undoubtedly bizarre obsession with documenting how regularly you frequent Starbucks, there are some things that older Millennials will never understand about us youngsters.

With that in mind, here are some hair trends young Millennials loved, but older Millennials simply don’t get.

1. Gray Hair

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Silver gray hair has been big over the past couple of years, but the trend probably perplexes older GenY-ers who can't understand why anyone would want to purposefully look old before their time. There will come a time when you will look old and majestic AF, but maybe we should all live for the moment now, am I right?

2. Rainbow Hair

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Sensible older Millennials likely think that My Little Pony-inspired hair looks fun, but costs a bomb in upkeep. They lived through the grunge era, so they're well versed in taking care of colored hair. Although they might like the look of rainbow locks, older Millennials would usually rather spend their dollars on other things that perhaps make them look good at adulting, even if they're not.

3. Ombré

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To older Millennials, any take on the ombré trend — such as the more recent balayage evolution — makes them immediately think of grown-out roots that need touching up.

4. Space Buns

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Older GenY-ers usually want to leave some '90s trends dead and buried in the past. I'd bet wacky space buns are one of them.

5. Glitter Roots

Older Millennials are likely perplexed at the explosion of beauty trends, especially with the rise of social media. I imagine that the glitter roots aesthetic seems a little silly and pointless to them. Speaking from a logical place, folks who believe glitter roots are a bit too zany may have a point. It took me weeks to wash the sparkle out of my hair after rocking glitter roots.

6. Pastel-Colored Hair

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As kids or teens living through the grunge movement, many older Millennials experimented with different "unnatural" all-over shades. Their hair only went into the realms of pastel hues when the color was washing out, so they likely associate pastel-colored hair with tresses that need coloring pronto.

7. Dutch Braids

It could be argued that Kim Kardashian brought Dutch braids back in a big way in earlier 2016, and many folks have channelled this laid-back luxe hairstyle ever since. However, older Millennials are probably not as obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner family escapades, so they may have missed the memo on this cool 'do.

8. Butterfly Clips

After wearing as many butterfly clips as they could squeeze into their tresses back in the '90s, older Millennials are likely sick to the back teeth of these cute clips. They also know that butterfly clips are overrated, due to the fact that they're mainly for decorative purposes and hardly hold any hair in place.

9. Hair Charms

Admittedly, it would be difficult for any whimsical gal to not find these hair charms cute. However, all older Millennials can think of when they see hair charms is the Lil' Miss Magic Jewels doll they owned in the early '90s. Consequently, hair charms seem way too young and hip for older GenY-ers who might have mortgages or children.

10. Hair Tattoos

Hair Tattoo, $15.99,

Sure, they look pretty, but older Millennials might be wondering if hair tattoos are similar to temporary tattoos and, particularly, if they're worth the hassle when you need to remove them.

11. Colorful Hair Extensions

Secret Color Headband Hair Extensions Blue, $3.95,

Growing up in the grunge era, older GenY-ers may have been dyeing their manes every week. Deep down, they probably think clip-in colorful hair extensions are an amazing idea, but they may begrudge them nonetheless for the lack of commitment involved.

With all of the kooky, faddy hair trends orbiting the beauty world recently, I'd guess that what most older Millennials want is to go back to a simpler time, when everyone wore The Rachel and crimping was as crazy as things got.

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