How To Do Your Makeup Like Winona Ryder's Best Characters For Halloween 2016 — PHOTOS

Simply put, Winona Ryder is a Hollywood fixture. She's had some iconic roles, many of which came out before many millennials were born. Whether you're just getting familiar with her, or you've been a lifelong Winona fan, now's the chance to learn how to do your makeup like Winona Ryder, just in time for Halloween.

You might want to take inspiration from Winona's spookiest — and arguably, most memorable — roles. Film buffs who want to make a reference to a cult movie, while also looking preppy and mildly macabre, can become Veronica Sawyer from dark teen movie Heathers . If gothic horror is more your cup of tea, look to Tim Burton's black comedy Beetlejuice and the "strange and unusual" girl Lydia Deetz. Folks looking to make a trendy statement this year may want to refer to the super popular Stranger Things for Halloween costume inspo – particularly the seemingly troubled mother of missing Will Byers, Joyce.

Pay homage to one of the quirkiest and coolest actresses ever by metamorphosing into one of her three best characters (or, if you've got multiple Halloween parties to go to, try 'em all). Here are some pointers to achieve her solid makeup looks from Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Stranger Things.

1. Joyce Byers In Stranger Things

If you haven't yet watched Stranger Things, I won't divulge too much information. All you need to know is that Winona gives a phenomenal performance — this time, in a very different role as a desperate mom whose son has gone missing.

To begin this look, moisturize your face and apply your everyday foundation to create a blank canvas.

Fill in your eyebrows with a brown eyebrow pencil. If you're eyebrows are fair or sparse, don't be afraid to go heavy.

Joyce hasn't got time for makeup – her son is missing and the lights are talking to her. Add a layer of mascara to open your eyes a little, so you're ready for all your wide-eyed, shocked closeups.

Joyce isn't getting much sleep, so we need to emphasize those under-eye bags. To do this, use your eyebrow pencil or a brown eyeliner to lightly draw lines under your eyes, then smudge them in with your finger.

Winona's got some killer cheekbones, so draw some cheekbone-defining lines on your cheeks, too.

Then lightly rub them in, as you did the under-eye bags.

Next, outline your lips lightly with a light brown lipliner.

Finally, muss up your hair a little to make it look like you've not combed it, or pop on a wig if you're not a brunette. Once your full look is ready, prepare yourself to combat whatever's in the Upside Down.

2. Lydia Deetz In Beetlejuice

In Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz is a sensitive, troubled teen who's almost forced to marry the despicable title character. Lydia is the perfect Winona to dress up as for Halloween if you wish to embrace your inner goth girl.

You'll need some black and white face paint, along with some face paint applicators to pull off this gothic look.

Start by applying a thin layer of white face paint all over your face and down your neck.

Next, pat a light layer of black face paint into the eye sockets and underneath the eyes. You can dilute the thickness on the back of your hand with water.

Don't forget those jet black brows!

Add kohl eyeliner along the top lash line and halfway across the bottom lash line to frame the eyes. Apply a layer of black mascara.

Next, apply a pinkish lipstick to your pout.

Pop on a wig and tie a messy, straggly ponytail, or if your natural hair is dark enough, use your own hair. If you've got bangs, form them into rigid points and you're done!

3. Veronica Sawyer In Heathers

As it's Halloween, go for the version of Veronica as seen at the end of Heathers: The bloody, dirty, bedraggled one! Keep your clothes preppy, but add faux stains (or real ones if you prefer) to make it look like you've just witnessed your ex-beaux detonate himself.

Begin by applying your usual foundation, a touch of blusher, and a natural eyebrow pencil.

Apply light brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyelids and finish off your eyes with mascara.

Slick on some red lippy.

Then use some watered down black face paint, with a sponge applicator, to create that post-explosion dusty look.

Add some wounds with fake blood.

Then seriously mess up your hair (or wig) to make it look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Grab a faux cigarette to complete the look.

So there you have it; a trio of classic, eerie looks fit for any Winona fans this Halloween — unlike the situations that befall her characters, these makeup looks are actually as easy as they seem.

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