Evan Peters Will Likely Be In This 'AHS' Episode

A season of American Horror Story is not truly a season of American Horror Story until Evan Peters shows up, which is why I'm getting real antsy for him to appear in Roanoke. Season 6 is already four episodes in, so what AHS: Roanoke episode will Peters appear in? Typically, the American Horror Story seasons have 12 episodes each, but Season 6 will only have 10. That means there are only six more opportunities to show Peters' face in Roanoke, which is bordering on unacceptable. First fans don't get an opening credits sequence and now no Peters?! Well, as his name has appeared in the credits for every episode, his involvement is guaranteed and my theory is that Peters will be in Episode 6 of American Horror Story — the very same episode creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that there would be a big twist.

Peters wasn't in the very first episode of Season 5's Hotel, but his not appearing in the first four episodes of a season is unheard of in the land of American Horror Story, which is what makes Roanoke so confounding. While there are intriguing theories that Peters has actually been the Piggy Man in Roanoke this entire time, I don't think his body type matches since the Piggy Man appears to be more lanky than Peters. Yes, Peters has been in disguise before as the Rubber Man in Murder House and Coven showed that AHS is willing to literally change Peters' body, but the Piggy Man part doesn't seem to be a big enough role for this Murphy favorite. Plus, actor Marti Matulis is credited as being the Piggy Man on IMDb, so if the site is to be believed, that kind of debunks the Piggy Man theory. But, he could just be a stunt actor until the big Peters reveal happens.

Murphy told EW that, "You'll see starting in Episode 6, the show has a huge turn and the thing that you think you're watching is not what you're watching." That intriguing tease seems to be the perfect setup for Peters' character to be introduced. He could be part of the My Roanoke Nightmare production crew, although I do think the interviewer who spoke to Adina Porter's Lee in Episode 3 was Cheyenne Jackson and not Peters. Still, if the behind-the-scenes of the show-within-a-show becomes the focus of Season 6, there's ample opportunity to use Peters then.

The other scenario is that Peters could be a part of that Mott family storyline and portray a ginger-haired relative of Dandy. Frances Conroy, with her notable red hair, was Gloria Mott in Freak Show and Peters allegedly has dyed his hair red for Roanoke. While Peters being the Mott ancestor ( TV Guide believes he'll be Edward Philippe Mott, who Dr. Elias Cunningham mentioned in Episode 4) doesn't mean he can't show up before Episode 6, I feel like the actor deserves to premiere his character with the big twist that Murphy promised.

Of course, if Peters shows up during "Chapter 5" on Oct. 12, I won't complain, but I'm setting my expectations for him to appear in Episode 6. And if he doesn't show his face by then — no matter who he portrays — Murphy should expect American Horror Story fans to riot.

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