12 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Trivia Facts That Only True Fans Know

There are some privileges that only fans of the Gilmore Girls get to enjoy to the fullest. The excitement over the four Gilmore Girls revival episodes that will be released on Netflix, for one, all of those GIFs about poodles, for another, and a select number of random facts that only those of us who have watched every single season multiple times would know. Yes, that's right, there's some Gilmore Girls trivia that only true fans know. I’m talking about the behind-the-scenes secrets, the small details that you have to strain to notice as you watch, and the biographical information about the cast that only the truly committed can identify.

And maybe that’s what should be done to us: We true fans probably should be committed for the amount of time that we have devoted to loving and obsessing over our favorite Gilmores. But, before that happens, let us revel a little bit in all of the useless knowledge that we have about this timeless series that defined so much of our lives. While the rest of the world tries to catch up on what it means to be Team Dean or Team Jess, we fans know there are some things about loving the Gilmore Girls that only true fans can know and understand.

So brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans. This trivia is only for those who have devoted a significant portion of their lives to loving all things Stars Hollow.

1. How Many Jobs Kirk Has Had


It seems like, in every episode of Gilmore Girls, local townie Kirk Gleason has a different job. From amateur filmmaker to handyman, this guy truly does do it all. But who among you know how many jobs he’s had in total? The answer is 29.

2. Who Sings The Show’s Theme Song


This folk crooner has a voice that almost anyone would recognize, but, if you think she’s the only one doing the singing, you are definitely not a true fan of this show. There’s a duet happening in this opening theme, and the people singing it have a lot to do with what makes this mother-daughter series so great. In addition to Carole King, her daughter Louise Goffin sings the song.

3. What Is The First Line Of The Series?


You likely can guess who said it without turning back to Season 1 on Netflix, but can you remember exactly what it was and why it was so significant? It was, “Please, Luke. Please, please, please!” and it was said by Lorelai Gilmore. Do I need to explain the importance there?

4. The Gilmore Girl That Hates Coffee In Real Life


So much so that, during filming, she reportedly drank soda from her cup to mimic the color. That's Alexis Bledel for you.

5. Richard Was Engaged Before Emily


Was there even a Richard before Emily? I like to think not, but, in a later episode of the show, when the family returned to Yale, Richard’s past life — and past engagement to Pennilyn Lott — came out.

6. The Real-Life Town That Inspired Stars Hollow


Somewhere cute and quaint in Connecticut, you’re probably guessing. But only real fans will know the name of this town as if it were their own: Washington Depot, CT.

7. Scott Patterson Was A Professional Baseball Player


You'll never look at that backwards baseball hat the same.

8. English Isn't Alexis Bledel's First Language


If you believed that scene where she spoke broken Spanish with one of Emily's maids, that's called good acting.

9. Jess Mariano Was This Close To Getting A Spin Off Show Of His Own


When Jess headed off into the sunset in Season 3, it was supposed to be for greener pastures in a California-based spin off. But when the cost of filming was deemed too high, they decided to cut it. The silver lining in this spin off cloud? Jess was able to return to Gilmore Girls in future seasons.

10. Lane Was Way Older In Real Life


Like 10 years older. Keiko Agena was 27 when she filmed the pilot for Gilmore Girls, a solid decade older than the character she played.

11. For A Show All About Mothers, Most Of The Actors Were Inspired By Their Fathers


Scott Patterson said in an interview in 2015 that he based Luke Danes off of his understanding of his father. Lauren Graham, too, said that the relationship between Lorelai and Rory was inspired by her relationship with her father.

12. The Final Episode Was A Throwback To The Pilot


In an interview that she did in 2007, Graham admitted that one of the last diner scenes was inspired by one of the first. The entire cast and crew even re-watched the pilot to find inspiration in the show's ending. Probably without a dry eye in the place.

So tell me: How many of these did you already know? Even if you're only learning these for the first time, I think we can all agree that it's a magnificent time to be alive, because we're about to get even more trivia to add to our collection.

Image: Netflix; Giphy (12)