13 Things From The '90s You Didn't Realize You Can Still Use Today, According To AskReddit

Gone are the days of VHS and not being able to leave the kitchen with the phone because the curly cord didn't reach far enough... or are they? A recent AskReddit conversation discussed things from the '90s you can still use today — even if you didn't realize it — and some of the responses caught me off guard, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that I'm totally jealous some people still have these things (and, moreover, that they actually work), because I miss the less complicated days of the '90s, when people spoke face to face and didn't post pictures of their coffee online and sent handwritten letters to friends and family. Can't we hit rewind (on the VCR) and go back to pagers and Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers?

Today's youngsters might not even recognize our beloved '90s technology. They might laugh at HitClips and scoff at PDAs and zip drives. But any loyal '90s kid will vouch for the tech that we used to think was so cool... and still kind of do. Here are a few '90s must-haves that some Redditors held on to and still swear by. Now, if you'll excuse me, my Discman is calling me and I must clean out my Caboodle.

1. I Remember VCRs fondly.

My Disney collection ruled all. It was basically a video library of '90s awesomeness.

2. The '90s Version Of Trying To Get A Good WiFi Connection

We used to stick them behind our heads and pretend we were aliens.

3. I'd Totally Do This

But what happens when you make a mistake?

4. Before We Played On Smartphones

I was obsessed with my Game Boy and played Tetris nonstop, even though I stunk at it.

5. This Is As Old School As It Gets

I fondly remember having to wind the ribbon back by hand. I loved the squeaky sound it made when you pulled it through your fingers. Note to self: Doing so also destroys said cassette tapes.

6. How We Listened To Music In The Old Days

But does he take the radio with him when he goes on a run and wants music to listen to? That's what I'm wondering.

7. Getting A Closer Shave

This terrifies me, but I get it. (Anyone else thinking of the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd gets a shave and fakes an injury using ketchup?)

8. Taking Things Way Back

Is it a No. 2?

9. Long Live The Slide Phone

Dude. Yes.

10. Today's Kids Wouldn't Even Recognize These

'90s AF.

11. It Can't Be True

They do exist.

12. The iPod's Earlier Generation

If mine still worked, I'd totally use it.

13. Gmail Who?

Never surrender! Also, this totally makes me want to watch You've Got Mail.

Images: Chris Lawton/Unsplash; AskReddit (13)