21 Thanksgiving Inspired Nail Art Designs

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, flights are booking fast and dishes are being planned. Perhaps slightly less important, but certainly not to be ignored, is the festive designs you could be dreaming up for your claws. It's time to get your fingers prepped with some creative Thanksgiving inspired nail art to begin the holiday season with style.

If there ever was the perfect opportunity to get quirky and colorful with your nails, now's the time. Thanksgiving comes with plenty of inspo for some amazing holiday nail art. Whether its the rich colors of fall leaves, historical references, or even the delicious food soon to be filling your belly, there are plenty of designs to showcase your love for Thanksgiving. You can always go for a classic fall nail mani full of deep burgundy hues, bright oranges, and gold shimmer if getting holiday specific is going too far. But there's nothing wrong with going all out with nails decked in delicious pies and gobbling turkeys.

Whether you're ready to give your technician a call or you're feeling like testing the DIY nail art waters, painting your pretties with any of these 21 Thanksgiving designs will make your pointers the talk of the dinner table.

1. Baby Turkey

Tiny turkeys and polka dots combine for super adorable Thanksgiving nails.

2. Turkey Face

If the thought of painting on a detailed bird gives you major anxiety, opt for a quick turkey face made of simple shapes.

3. Sparkling Leaves

Ahh, the true essence of fall. You could never wrong orange polish and leafy nail art for a Thanksgiving inspired design that isn't too literal.

4. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin nail art will take you from Thanksgiving and through the end of fall.

5. Abstract Turkeys

This mahogany, burnt orange, and mustard gradient makes for the ultimate autumnal blend. Paired with mini abstract turkeys, Thanksgiving nails have never looked more chic.

6. Colorful Feathers

Whether they remind you of Turkey feathers or leaves, nails like these have Thanksgiving written all over them.

7. Food Porn

Nothing says you're ready to grub quite like nails decked in your favorite holiday noms.

8. Googly-Eyed Friend

Paint each nail with a different fall hue and add a wide-eyed Turkey companion for quirky-cute Thanksgiving nails.

9. Pumpkin Pie

Bring on the pie! These pumpkin pie inspired nails will showcase your love for sweet treats.

10. Turkey Pilgrim

A turkey dressed as a Pilgrim definitely ups the cute factor on your nails.

11. Fall Hues

So turkeys and Pilgrims may not be your cup of tea. Going the artistic route with strokes of glitter and fall colors are still filled with Turkey Day spirit.

12. Polka Dot Gradient

Gold glitter and rustic polka dot gradients are oh so worthy of a seat at the dinner table.

13. Nail Art Galore

Glittering gold polish, scattered leaves, pumpkin nail art, it's all too perfect! These fall themed Thanksgiving nails aren't holding back.

14. Pie Cravings

Slather orange polish on your nails, topped with dollops of whipped cream and crust at the cuticles, and you've got yourself a set of claws that look so scrumptious, you could eat them.

15. Turkey Friends

Coodinate polka dots with the colors of turkey feathers, and you'll have such a cohesive nail design.

16. Cornucopia

This one is going to require a ton of patience and artistic flair, but if you can master painting a cornucopia onto your polish, you'll be the holiday nails champion.

17. Nail Appreciation

Behold, the true meaning of Thanksgiving captured in a single word. A simple "thankful" drawn on accent nails makes for a simple but effective holiday design.

18. Pilgrim Hats

A French manicure turned Pilgrim hat design takes Thanksgiving nail art to a new level.

19. Apple Pie

Red nails are always a holiday hit. Complimented with apple pie art, these nails bring out the sweet side of Thanksgiving.

20. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It can't get any more mesmerizing than nails that showcase some major skills and a holiday classic at the same time. Cue the jaw dropping now.

21. Thanksgiving Feast

Don't be surprised if your mouth begins to water. Thesse pretties will definitely get you amped for a home cooked meal.

With all of the possibilities for Thanksgiving inspired art, there's no way your nails will be a bore come Nov. 24. Make this holiday one to remember with the cutest turkeys, plumpest pumpkins, and lushest leaves decorated onto your polish.

Image: wind619/Instagram