Who Hates The Paparazzi as Much as Franco?

Bald-headed James Franco is getting himself into all sorts of trouble. On Monday, it was reported that Franco allegedly attacked a paparazzo at a Lana del Ray concert Friday night in Hollywood (sounds like the plot of a James Franco short story), and there's photographic evidence... sort of? As per TMZ, Franco "attended the LDR show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and based on the pics it looks like James may have just been joking around when it happened." Yeah, maybe he was just goofin'! He's smiling in the pic, so couldn't it just have been a light-hearted tussle? The photographer that was allegedly attacked was not amused, though, and filed a police report with the LAPD for minor injuries and damage to his equipment.

Obvi, details are sparse at this point and the questions are many. Bustle's Allyson Koerner is most intrigued about the presence and possible involvement of Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen at the incident. What would've pissed Franco off so much that he'd tackled a paparazzo to the ground? Probably not much, as the actor's a bit of a kook and a loose cannon, but of course, he's not alone in his contempt for those slimy photographers. Not saying that excessive force or physical altercations are cool, but getting all up in celebrities' business has to take a serious toll on actors.

Here are some of the most explosive confrontations between the famous and their paparazzi followers from the last few years — some much worse than others.

Jennifer Lawrence Flips the Bird

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In April, J Law was being hounded by the paparazzi when she left a restaurant with her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Lawrence isn't known for losing her cool, and even that time, she didn't really — she just flipped off the photographers with one middle finger to rule them all. A pretty pacifistic approach, tbh, compared to the rest of the names on this list. Nobody got hurt, but Lawrence still got her message across and the photographers came out looking like jerks. Well played.

Miley Cyrus and the Four-Letter Word

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ya really never know what she's going to do next. In a confrontation with a paparazzo in late 2013, Miley used her words instead of her fists, but them's was fighting words — she called the paparazzo a "c*nt" and later tweeted about it with pride. Well, damn, girl, those gloves are off. That kind of nasty language is usually reserved for the object of total disdain, so I guess Miley wasn't mincing her words here, but maybe don't be so proud of it, Cyrus.

Bieber can't keep his hands to himself

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Little rascal Justin Bieber really gets heated when it comes to paparazzi. His most recent incident was on his vacation in Paris for Fashion Week, where he supposedly threw a punch at a paparazzi. Whether or not the punch landed or was a punch at all, Bieber does not have a clean record when it comes to dealing with photographers. He's got a rap sheet of getting involved in physical altercations with the paparazzi and even going so far as to have his bodyguards steal their equipment. Oof.

Who gon' stop him, ha?

Rick Kern/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yeezy doesn't even try to keep it a secret how much he loathes the paparazzi. Remember that priceless moment on stage in which he compared their stalking and invasions of privacy to rape? Looks like he just doesn't understand a metaphor. And he does not hold back, verbally or physically. Last summer when arriving at LAX, a generally non-threatening paparazzo approached West, which set him off, and West barks at him, "DON'T TALK EVER AGAIN." Yes, a demand for total and unequivocal silence for simply daring to speak to Yeezus. It doesn't compare, though, to when just a month later, also at LAX, Kanye beat down a different photographer for reminding him of the "don't talk to me" incident. So badly, in fact, that legal action was brought against West for the attack. In conclusion, never talk to Kanye West after he's just gotten off a plane.

The Czar of Paparazzi Hate, Alec Baldwin

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ah, let's hope that Franco was just messing around at that Lana del Ray show (he seems like he'd be amped about it) because if he did attack that paparazzi, he'll be in horrible company with Alec Baldwin. Throughout his career, Baldwin has been a notorious hater (and attacker) of the photographers that follow him around, but he REALLY screwed the pooch late last fall when he hurled homophobic insults at a paparazzi (you must remember his cries of "cocksucking motherf**ker"). So severe was the damage done from the horrible incident that Baldwin apparently decided to just throw in the towel on that whole fame thing, writing a very woe-is-me farewell in New York Magazine (in which he continued to be a homophobe). Boo-hoo-hoo.

We'll have to wait and see what the real story is behind Franco's possible attack in that Hollywood Cemetery, but let's hope, for his sake, that it wasn't near as bad as some of his fellow famous friends. But knowing Franco, he'd probably find some squirrelly way to claim that it was intentional, For The Sake of High Art.

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